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24: Live Another Day Ep. 9.4 Review: 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Last weeks episode ended with Jack Bauer under CIA (specifically Kate Morgan’s) custody after he took hostages in the US Embassy so that he could transmit the data from Chris Tanner’s drone to Free Information so that he could prove the existence of a weapon that can take over drones which would be used in a terrorist attack (remember when I said political thrillers can be a tad bit convoluted?). Simone is recovering from her mother, Margot, deciding to cut off her little finger on her left hand in order to convince Simone’s husband, Navid (who was having second thoughts before the appendicide), to pilot said drones. Margot plans to use the drones to extract revenge on President Heller for the death of her husband, a commander for Al Qaeda killed by drone strikes.



This weeks episode starts with the Marine commander having a wee bit of a disagreement with Morgan about her taking Bauer into custody. Morgan has taken the flight key and left Jack temporarily in Marine custody so that she can upload the rest of the flight data to Chloe and Free Information. No one besides Agent Morgan and Bauer believe that Tanner’s drone was hijacked, and they must figure out a way to prove the device exists so that countermeasures can be taken. Chloe begins walking Morgan through the upload process so they can have proof.

Margot tries to comfort her daughter after unceremoniously having her finger removed, which goes about as well as you’d expect. Simone’s husband is setting up the uplink to the drones and should have control in moments.

Adrian (Free Information) notices data in the Flight Key that shows that Tanner’s drone was hijacked. Chloe then forwards the information to Agent Morgan who calls up Navarro (CIA Station Head). After conferring with his IT guys, Navarro calls President Heller to notify them of the override code.

Navarro informs Heller (accompanied by the Chief of Staff and his daughter) that what Bauer told him last episode was correct. Heller tells the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to ground all drones worldwide. Margot notices the change in course and tells Navid to take control of as many drones as he can, which is six instead of ten. All six drones go off the grid and are now under the control of Margot Al-Harazi.

It turns out the drones have each have six hellfire missiles (each of which can level half a city block) and casualties could be in the tens of thousands. They also have the most advanced stealth technology available so no one can track them, not even the US. Heller decides to bring Bauer in to talk to him and warn the British about the approaching drones.

Navarro briefs his station on Margot Al-Harazi and begins to plan their search. After the brief he notifies Kate that she is being taken off the roster due to her actions at the Embassy. Navarro tells her to fill out an After Action Report and to pack her things again (although he did attempt to be a little bit sympathetic). During their meeting, a video that has Margot Al-Harazi demanding President Heller turn himself over to her or else she will unleash the drones on London.

With the drones en route Adrian decides to get the hell out of London, especially after dealing with the CIA and Bauer. Chloe still thinks they can still be of help. The President reviews the footage from the attack killing Margot’s husband and realizes that his Chief of Staff covered up the fact that civilians were killed in that strike. Heller realizes that they have given Margot a moral victory by being able to blame the drone attacks on him. Heller leaves to go talk to Bauer. Heller sends his men out and pulls up a seat. He begins to tell Jack that six drones are on their way unless he surrenders himself and asks Jack if he knows anything. Bauer tells him about an arms dealer that is on the ins with Margot. Bauer asks Heller to put him back in the field to make contact with this man. Bauer tells him that if he wants his help he has to do it the Bauer way.

Navid informs Margot that the first drone will reach London in fourteen minutes. He then asks Margot’s permission to see Simone. Navid tells Simone that he left a trace to their location in the video Margot sent out and that the evidence will prove Simone was opposed to their operation. The CIA finds the trace and sets out to their location.

Audrey, Heller’s daughter, enters the room with Jack to tell him that there is a lead on Margot’s location and have an emotional reunion leaving them both in tears (a rarity for Bauer). President Heller meets with the Prime Minister to inform him that they lost control of six Vanguard Attack Drones that are going be used to attack London. The Prime Minister is obviously not pleased since he put his political career at risk by supporting the drone base in Britain.

The CIA team, headed by Navarro not Morgan, is closing in on Margot’s location. Morgan contacts Chloe to see if she can view the tape. Chloe informs her she needs to be in their system and Morgan begins setting up a socket.

Margot discovered that Navid left a trace to their location and has her bodyguard take out Navid. She then has her son Ian take Navid’s place as pilot. It turns out that Margot changed the location of the trace and is planning on destroying that house with a drone strike once the CIA team is on site.

Chloe tells Adrian she is going to help Morgan. Adrian is a little peeved and tries to take her outside by force. Jack’s mercenary comrade tells Adrian he better walk away and leave Chloe alone.

The CIA team arrives at the false site and begins their infiltration. Navarro and Ritter are both on the assault team and are closing in (this operation is being monitored by the President, CIA and Prime Minister). Margot’s drones are closing in on their location. As the team sweeps the house Chloe discovers the fake IP address and warns Morgan that they are heading into a trap. Morgan informs Navarro that his team is in danger, he immediately calls for them to abort the operation. Navarro can’t find one of the squads and tries to run into the building just as the hellfire missiles find their target. It looked like Navarro and Ritter were far enough away to survive, although they will be pretty worse for wear.

Near the end of the episode Margot confronts Navid about his betrayal. He asks Simone to talk her mother out of killing him, but she just stares silently back at him because she is brainwashed by her mother. The episode ends with Margot executing Navid.


Overall Thoughts

– Margot Al-Harazi is about as intense a villain as they come.  She is radical, cold, collected, intelligent, and most likely has severe mental health issues.  Whenever she is on-screen I am a little repulsed, which means she is doing her job correctly.

– This episode was a little slower than the previous ones, but not in a bad way.  The setup this episode provided is important to the overall integrity of the show, and it’s nice to see the plot continuing to develop.  I imagine that once Bauer is released from custody and sent after Al-Harazi things will speed up considerably.

– It will be interesting to see how Simone’s character develops.  She is obviously brainwashed by her mother, but is susceptible to reason.  She was all for Navid trying to help her, but did not save his life when he begged her.  I imagine that overtime her mother’s hold will diminish and Jack will use her to stop Margot.

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