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4LN Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #11

Series: Amazing Spider-Man
Writer: Dan SLott
Artist: Oliver Coipel
Colorist: Wade Von Grawbadger


Summary from Comixology: “Amazing Spider-Man vs. Superior Spider-Man! The Spider-Army doesn’t have time for this squabbling as the Inheritors tighten their noose.”


Spider-Verse has been one of my absolute favorite event to happen in recent years. If you frequent our site, you’ll know I’m not big into major events (yet I always read them…) but this has been one of my favorite events and a favorite Spidey story since Spider-Island in 2011. I love seeing all the different Spider-heroes interacting with each other. Specifically my new favorite spider, Spider-Gwen. She has a pretty emotional conversation with our favorite spider, Earth-616 Peter Parker.

I have said it before in an Amazing Spider-Man review, Dan Slott is on fire, and in my opinion one of the best ASM writers. I think he knows exactly what is going on in the Spider Universe and I think he does a great job writing all the different Spiders. I enjoy the use of comedy in this book, but it’s not overbearing and it’s a good use of comedic relief. I mean we kinda need comedic relief in a book about Inheritors traveling the universe(s) and eating the souls of Spider-People. I also really enjoyed the art in this book. I think Oliver Coipel is a great artist and I think he does a great job helping tell the story with Dan Slott. Except for one panel…


Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.34.03 AM

The Problem With Amazing Spider-Man #11

The Lows:
That. One. Panel. What in the hell is she wearing? I mean come on… That Milo Manara variant got so much shit from the internet/comic book community, but at least she was fully clothed AND it was a variant, so you didn’t have to buy it. But I bought AMS #11 and had no clue that this was going to be in it. I just can’t believe this slipped though the cracks of the editors. I have never seen this spider in the other issues, and I didn’t see her after the much needed “Captain Spider!” line. She was no where else in the issue! I just don’t get why it was necessary. Why did she have to have her breast hanging out? Why did she have to be bent over in such a sexualized position? I just don’t get this. (I’m sorry if I sound overly harsh. I’m a HUGE Dodgers fan and just found out my boy Matt Kemp was traded to the Padres.)

The Final Say:
In all honesty I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun read and had a great ending. There was a fight between The Superior Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man that was the highlight of the book, and there was a great scene between Peter and Gwen. Sacrifices were made, our Spiders made progress against the Inheritors, and a major story element was revealed. Besides that one panel, I really did enjoy this story. I don’t think one panel should ruin a story, and that’s why I’ll still give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Because it really was a great story. Did you read this as well? What are your thoughts? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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