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4LN Comic Review: Batman #42

Series: Batman
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Inks: Danny Miki
Colors: Francisco Perez
Page Count: 28


Summary from Comixology: “More surprises around every corner as the all-new Batman hits the streets of Gotham City!”

A lot of people have been really quick to write this book off. I’ve heard of, and know people, who have dropped the book entirely because they despised the idea of Batman not being Bruce, and the Robo-Bat-Bunny suit had a little to do with that… But, this isn’t Scott Snyder’s first time writing a Batman story where Bruce Wayne isn’t under the cowl. One of my favorite Batman stories is Snyder’s The Black Mirror, which stars Dick Grayson as Batman, following the events of 2008’s Final Crisis. It’s very important to remember when reading this, that there will always be a need for Batman, but the symbol can come in many different ways, shapes and forms.


I am actually not picking up my books until Saturday, but I couldn’t not read this book, so I picked it up via comixology and I loved this issue from the first page. The first page is two kids arguing about what Batman is. One kid is holding a typical Batman figure, while the other is holding the Robo-Bat, and they are both arguing that their version of Batman is better. I kid you not, we have had this argument in the 4LN thread COUNTLESS times since the new story was announced. In issue #41 the creative team added a couple jabs at fan comments about how stupid the idea was, and in issue #42, we have a scene that reflects perfectly how the fans are feeling about this change. It’s great to see a creative team that are self-aware and can poke fun of the situation.
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.51.09 AM

As I have said in every Batman review, you can’t get better then this creative team. Snyder and Capullo are the only original creative team on a DC book since New 52 launched, and I think that says volumes about their work. Every issue they have put out, has been top notch, and the suspense, horror, and adrenaline has always left you on the edge of your seat. And this issue, is no exception of the rule. Jim is struggling with what being Batman means, and how to think like the Bat. He is facing his first major enemy, a chinese crime lord who has the power to control any material used to build buildings. This causes the crime lord to turn Gotham into a living weapon, that JimBat must out think. In this issue we also get a name drop of the mastermind behind a radioactive cyinide “seed” created by Mr. Bloom, who has been placed on the cover of Batman #43.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.59.50 AM

With the surprise on the last page, and the mention of a Slender Man like villain, Mr. Bloom, things are sure to get intense in the coming issues. If you wrote of this series because of the weirdness or new direction, I urge you, and please trust me, pick up this book and issue #41. You are not going to want to miss what’s about to happen. And just remember, the idea and symbol that is Batman can come in many different shapes, and forms.


Music Pairing:
For this issue you need something brooding and intense. And for that, there is only one name that comes to mind. Hans Zimmer. He did the score for Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, along with every other Nolan movie, and that feel goes perfectly with this book. Jam Gotham’s Reckoning while reading this issue.

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