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4LN Comic Review: Bob’s Burgers #5

Series: Bob’s Burgers
Writers: Jeff Drake, Rachel Hastings, Justin Hook,
Artist: Marcelo Bendavides, Tony Gennaro, Ken Laramay, Paul Claerhout, Hector Reynoso


Summary from Comixology:  “The final issue in the first-ever Bob’s Burgers miniseries, featuring five original stories of the Belcher family! In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Tina finds a familiar face; Bob cultivates a list of literary classics; Louise tries to shed light on a Boyz 4 Now mystery while denying having any interest in them whatsoever; Linda imagines an alternate universe; and Gene presents a musical set at Robot College.”
Man. I am sad now that this mini series is coming to an end. I really had no clue it was just a mini series. This was one of my favorite comic books of 2014. Every issue was as great as the TV show, and reminded me so much of the show. It shared the same humor, art, wackiness and joy that the show has. This was a great issue and had me laughing from the very start. Tina’s Fan Fiction was great this month, along with the Louise story.

As I mentioned above, the Tina Fan Fiction story was the best part of this issue. It had me laughing before I even turned the page. It was great seeing Tina in a post-apocalyptic world (I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories) fighting off teenage zombies. What’s not to love about Tina “fighting” zombies? That’s comedy gold right there. Tina’s Punger-Bow-And-Arrow was one of my favorite things about this issue, it was absolutely hilarious, also Tina’s car dashboard was full of The Equestranauts so that was a nice little touch. Bob’s literary classics had me cracking up as a bit of a book worm, “The Bun Also Rises Burger” being my favorite since I’m a huge Hemingway fan.

Each issue always features a “musical” segment with Gene, and for some reason, these never go over well for me. I always feel that they are forced and unnecessary. I would love to see a Gene story not centered around a musical. It seems to be hard to sell a musical in the form of a comic book since there is no music being played, and you have to try to find the song format in your mind. Other then the Gene story (stories in past issues), I have never found a problem with the Bob’s Burgers comics, and as a fan of the show, I think they did a great job telling a few stories in 5 comic books.

The Final Say:
For any Bob’s Burgers fans out there, this series is a must have for your collections. This may be issue #5, but all issues are stand alone and you can pick this one up without needing to know what has happened in previous issues. Be sure to pick this up, and let’s all cross our fingers that this book will come back around for another mini series! Overall this book gets a solid 4 out of 5 and it’s a must read for any Bob’s Burgers fans out there!

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