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4LN Comic Review – C.O.W.L. #8

Series: C.O.W.L.
Writer: Kyle Higgins & Alec Siegel
Art: Rod Reis
Publisher: Image

Summary from Image: “Thanks to Camden Stone, Geoffrey Warner has the villains he desperately needed. But at what cost? And how long can Geoffrey keep the lie going?”



If you are not familiar with C.O.W.L. yet, you should be.  C.O.W.L. focuses on a group of unionized superheroes in 1960’s Chicago.  With the last super-villain out of commision, the mayor is playing hardball with the head of C.O.W.L. trying to reduce, or completely rescind, funding.  Over the last several issues the members of C.O.W.L. have been on strike in order to show the mayor that the city of Chicago relies on their organization to keep the city safe. Some of the members are still trying to do what’s right, but they are few and far in between (and some of them end up murdered).  The series is full of action, political intrigue, double-crosses, great characters, and is just a well thought out concept.


C.O.W.L. is just one of those books that completely draws me in every issue.  The storytelling is always top notch, and this issue is no different.  The pacing is absolutely excellent in this issue.  A story like this is not strictly an action comic, and necessitates more dialogue and set up than other stories might.  There are several slower scenes in this issue, but they are offset by having action sequences featuring a a crime spree carried out by a new set of super-powered goons.  This sequence is only made better by the fantastic art.  Rod Reis is absolutely fantastic, and his artwork is so unique.  His style is very noir-esque and fits the tone of the book to a T.

I love this series.


C.O.W.L. might not be for everyone.  It is not action-oriented like a lot of the books out there, which could keep some people from hanging on.  That being said, you really should try this book out.

The Final Say-

There aren’t many books that come out each month that I enjoy more than C.O.W.L.  The story gets more intriguing with every issue, and this one is no exception.  5 out of 5.  If you aren’t caught up, good news!  The first arc of C.O.W.L. is now available in trade paperback form!  Check this series out if you haven’t, it’s worth it.

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