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4LN Comic Review – Deathlok #1

Series – Deathlok
Writer – Nathan Edmondson
Artists – Mike Perkins & Andy Troy
Publisher – Marvel Comics

Summary from Comixology: “After Michael Collins, there was Henry Hayes. A medic who travels to war zones to heal the wounded, he has no idea that when he’s in the field, he’s activated by a mysterious group and becomes the ultimate weapon of assassination and war: Deathlok.”

Deathlok (2014-) #1

Overview –
If you’re not an avid comic book reader, you probably only know Deathlok if you’ve been watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Within said comic world, the character has been through quite the evolution throughout the past several decades. Even still, he’s essentially always been a guy who got disfigured & dismembered, and was then equipped with cybernetic body parts and programmed to be a killer. If you think this sounds awesome then you can be my new best friend because I love Deathlok. My personal favorite story-line up to now has been Charlie Huston’s Deathlok: The Demolisher series for the Marvel Kights imprint. Even though I haven’t read much of his Black Widow (I’m sorry I’m such a horrible human being),  I’ve been a big fan of Nathan Edmondson’s Punisher series, so I was very excited when I heard he would be taking on Deathlok. He’s definitely got a strong vision for morally ambiguous characters and that’s how I like my comic book superheroes.

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Highs –
This Deathlok is (not exactly like, but) closer to the AoS/Mike Peterson Deathlok, in that he’s mind-controlled. “They” activate him when “they” need someone (or an entire freaking village) murdered. Who are “they”, you ask? Well, that’s part of the mystery that Edmondson is creating. We don’t know who is controlling Deathlok, just that it’s happening and it’s secretive. This is where he really thrives as a writer. He builds espionage scenarios really well and has a knack for pumping a good amount of tension into his stories.

The art here is very good. I have to say that Perkins & Troy make a great team and they capture the feel of Edmondson’s secret ops concepts perfectly through their panels and coloring. There was one full page in particular where Deathlok is picked up by a chopper as he jumps from a crashing train, that I really loved.

click for super-sized previews of Deathlok (2014-) #1

Lows –
I didn’t feel like their were any lows here. This was a very solid first issue with a decent set-up.

click for super-sized previews of Deathlok (2014-) #1

The Final Say –
Deathlock #1 is a great first issue. Very solid work all around. It’s interesting to see a whole comic based around a character who has no idea the kind of brutallity he commits. It has a very late 80’s/early 90’s action movie feel to it. I’m giving this issue a 4 out of 5 stars because I’m interested to see where it goes.

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