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4LN Comic Review – Goners #1

Series – Goners
Writer – Jacob Semahn
Artists – Jorge Corona & Gabriel Cassate
Publisher – Image Comics

Summary from Comixology – “‘WE ALL FALL DOWN,’ Part One. From the colonization of Roanoke to the Cold War, the world famous Latimer Family has been humanity’s lone defense against paranormal horrors for centuries…until tonight. A deadly assault on the lineage forces an unprepared brother and sister to solve their parents’ murder while trying to escape the grim landscape of horrors that stalk the children themselves.”

Goners #1

Overview –
You may not be familiar with Jacob Semahn, but if you’ve ever seen an episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man or Marvel’s Avengers Assemble cartoons, then you might be more familiar with his work than you think because the guy wrote about a dozen episodes between the two shows (both are on regular rotation in my house thanks to the almighty Netflix). I picked up this first issue of the new Image Comics published series because my shop ordered a ton of them and I’ll usually give anything a try. The only thing I knew about Goners was that it was coming out. That’s it. But Image is killing it lately with their titles (lately they’re dominating my once Marvel-heavy pull-list) so I figured I risk losing very little by reading this.

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Highs –
The art of Goners was one the first thing that drew me to it. I can’t say that I have a specific art-style that speaks to me, or that I’m drawn to (get it? “Drawn” to? Ha!) but I really like the way the cartoon-ish style of Goners balances out the horror-adventure story approach.

Speaking of story, this one is pretty interesting. It’s about a family who has been facing off against supernatural entities for over a century. Goners kicks it into high gear pretty much from the beginning. There’s not a lot of build-up before the craziness just starts. I both appreciate and worry about this approach in comics. On one hand, it’s fun to hit the ground running…


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Lows –
But on the other hand, I get nervous that a lot of questions won’t be answered. When the start of a book feels too abrupt it can make you wonder if they’ll ever get around to the back-story that serves as the cornerstone to why things are happening in the first place. I’m sincerely hoping that we do get some development on that in the next couple of issues because I’d love to know more about how this family became humanity’s protectors from ghosts and ghouls.

click for super-sized previews of Goners #1

The Final Say –
I’m giving Goners #1 a 3 out of 4. It’s definitely a solid start for a new series and I’m intrigued enough to at least read the next few issues in the hopes they sell me on reading the whole series. If you like adventure comics that have some bite to them, I definitely recommend you pick up Goners #1, in comic shops today!

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