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4LN Comic Review – Harley Quinn #1: Futures End

Book: Harley Quinn #1: Futures End
Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Chad Hardin

Summary from Comixology: “Harley and The Joker make it legal at last! Follow the happy couple to their secret honeymoon spot, where it’s literally till death do them part!”


Overview –
All this month DC has been releasing 3D-cover one-shots of all there series’, that are tied into the Futures End weekly series they’ve been publishing. I have not  been reading Futures End, so I’ll be honest and tell you that I have no clue how these one-shot tie-in’s connect to it, but I’m also not reading enough DC titles for it to matter. In fact (as I’ve said many times before), the only DC title I am reading is Harley Quinn.

The Good –
Here we find Harley 5 years into the future and having washed up on a desert island after the plane she was on headed toward the Bahamas crashed. She runs into some natives who eventually introduce her to their “god-king”. You can probably guess from the cover who that happens to be…

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are an amazing writing team. That’s probably because they’re married. They hammer out great plot-lines and then dump in as much humor as they can to make every issue of Harley Quinn a great and funny read. I find myself laughing out loud every time I read one.

The artist, Chad Hardin, has given Harley a whole new life, visually speaking. Obviously his artwork partnered with the great stories has been what’s made Harley so popular again, but his specific style is so smooth and colorful, that you can’t help but just feel like you’re reading a whimsical, often inappropriate, cartoon.

The Bad –
I’m sure it’s annoying to read my reviews, and then whenever we get to this section I never have anything bad to talk about. Well, deal with it. I’m more of a silver-lining kind of guy. I will say this… even if you read Harley Quinn, you don’t HAVE to read this issue. I mean to say, it doesn’t appear to have any heavy significance to the series’ ongoing story. That’s not really a BAD thing necessarily, but it’s worth noting. This issue is fun to read, just not crucial, I think.

The Final Say –
Harley fans will be pleased, everyone else… you’d get some chuckles out of it. I’m giving this issue a 3 out of 4. It won’t shatter your world with any groundbreaking twists, but you’ll laugh quite a bit.

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