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4LN Comic Review – Lobo #1

Book: Lobo #1
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artists: Reilly Brown, Nelson DeCastro & Peter Pantazis

Summary from Comixology – “The all-new Lobo brings the ultraviolence to his new ongoing series! If the first few blood-soaked pages of this issue don’t shock you – nothing will!”

Lobo (2014-) #1


Overview –
I’ve been into Lobo since I was a kid. There was something exciting about this ugly, arrogant prick that was just so much fun. I always loved how other characters hated him around. It’s clear that Deadpool was at least a little bit fashioned after Lobo in this way. They’re both shameless murderers who will kill anything (well, almost anything) and anybody (oh they definitely kill anybody) as long as the paycheck is right.

I have been among the crowd of folks who are not too thrilled about the way Lobo’s story is changing. That comes across as totally hypocritical considering I’ve been unwavering in my support of the new female Thor. I think the difference from my perception is that with Thor they are merely handing over this masculine power to what has always been consider the “weaker” gender, Thor’s history isn’t changing, but with Lobo, they’re saying, “Oh, this guy you know and love and have invested so much into…? Yeah, he’s never been the real Lobo in all the 30+ years you’ve known him.” It bums me out. I feel like Lobo was great because in a medium of entertainment that has been guilty of years of trying to sell a false reality of physical appearance, Lobo was one of the only things that was real. He’s hairy, probably reeks of booze, and is not what most people would call “attractive”. He was there to say, “Hey you can look like a trashy, biker dude and still be cool as hell!” Now… well, new Lobo looks like every other male comic book character. Generic.

I say all that to say this… I will try to be fair during this review and suppress the bitterness as much as I can, but I make no guarantees.

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The Good –
I like Cullen Bunn as a writer. I’ve enjoyed his various Deadpool limited series titles, and I recently finished reading the first volume of The Sixth Gunn, which was a decent book. The way that he writes this new Lobo fits the character. The way that he speaks and his emotional disconnect feel very natural.

My favorite thing about this book, though, was the artwork. I really loved how detailed and perfectly colored the panels were. It’s clearly a very clean, modern approach, but it never feels lazy or generic. I’ll admit that I half-expected the artwork to be mostly phoned in, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t.

Also, his main weapon of choice, these sickle nun-chuck things that are like an updated version of the other Lobo’s hooks-on-a-chian, is pretty bad ass. At one point he rips a dude in half, right up the middle, with them. I was impressed.

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The Bad –
I mentioned above that the way Bunn writes this new Lobo fits the character. The problem is… the character kind of feels like a moody, brooding douchebag (I told you I couldn’t make guarantees this wouldn’t get bitter). He feels like what Edward Cullen would be if he’d watched too many Jason Statham movies and was desperate to emulate him. In space. Dressed like a cosmic hipster.

Whereas the Lobo I grew up with would jam some Anthrax and chug PBR’s while scarfing down as many racks of BBQ ribs he can get his hands on, “real” Lobo feels like he would sit in a Starbucks listening to Arcade Fire and sipping his grande, non-fat chai latte with extra foam while working on his mumblecore movie script where everyone can see, because, you know, what’s the point of being so cool if people don’t know?

click for super-sized previews of Lobo (2014-) #1

The Final Say –
I had similar feelings to this book that had about Grayson. I just don’t care about the character. This Lobo did not interest me. I felt no concern for his well being. When the issue ended, there was no urgency for the next issue to find out what happens next. I give this issue a 2 out of 4. The art saved it form getting a 1. This may be the “real” Lobo, but he most certainly is NOT the real Main Man.

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