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4LN Comic Review – Saga #23

Book: Saga #23
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artsist: Fiona Staples
Summary from Comixology: Betrayal.

There really isn’t much to go by in that summary. But, I really can’t think of any other way to describe what happens except for that simple word, “betrayal.” For example: Alana feels betrayed by Marko, and the Robot Janitor feels betrayed by Prince Robot IV and all of the Robot Kingdom.

The Good:
One of my favorite things about this comic, is how human the characters are. You truly feel for them and want them to make the right decisions, though many times you find yourself asking “Why the f–k are you doing that ______?!?!”, and this issue is no exception to the previous¬†statement. Marko shows up at the door step of Ginny late at night, after being thrown out by Alana in issue #22 and you spend most of the first half worried that Marko will do something to jeopardize his marriage. Later in the book, Alana makes a stupid decision by choosing something insignificant over her family, and The Robot Janitor pulls a stunt that puts everyone in the book in harms way.

The Bad:
For some reason, I’m just not loving this story arc as much as the first couple. Maybe it’s because we don’t know enough about the Robot Kingdom, and Robot Janitors actions seem as if they are not explained enough? Maybe it’s because the first couple arcs were so amazing it’s hard for the rest of the story to meet our pre-dictated expectations? None the less, it’s still a fun story that must be read.

The Final Say:
This story arc is not as exciting as the first ones were, but it’s still a fun read that must be picked up. You grow so attached to the characters, that it pains you to see them making poor decisions. This book will break your heart and leave you needing more. But I expect that next month, will be even more painful to read then this months. With all this said, the book is a 3 out of 4, and you want to pick this issue up if you are reading the epic Saga. Not many questions are answered, but tons of new questions and cliffhangers are introduced. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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