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4LN Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #9, Spider-Verse Part 1

Series: Amazing Spider-Man
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Oliver Coipel


Summary from Comixology: “It’s the biggest spider-event ever! When a force of evil threatens spider-characters throughout the multiverse, EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER is needed to save the day!”


Overview –
This has been the issue that I have been waiting a while for. It’s finally started, no longer at the edge of, but we are completely in the Spider-Verse now, and it’s going to be a hell of a ride. So far this year, my favorite single comic book issue has been Edge of Spider-Verse #2, the Gwen Stacy issue. That had two of my favorite things; Gwen Stacy and punk rock. But, ASM #9 might actually be a close second. I have stated many times before that I am NOT a fan of big events, but I’m on the hype train with Spider-Verse.

Highs –
I’m a pretty big Dan Slott fan, and this issue just reminds me why I love his Spider-Man so much. Each and every turn of the page was adding more and more excitement, because I honestly had no clue what to expect, and a few times I was actually worried for which characters would live and which ones would die. The writing was truly top notch on this issue, but the real surprise was Oliver Coipel’s art work. It really blew me away. There were a few pages that A LOT of things were happening, but he kept it clean, clear, and organized. I never once found myself getting lost in the chaos of the story, and for that I am very impressed.


Lows –
I was originally bummed that this book was $4.99, but after reading it, I’m not bothered. I guess that I’m bummed that there wasn’t more of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Man (I demand he get’s his own ongoing title!). I like that Spider-Ham has a very Rocket Raccoon feel to him, but he’s not a photocopy with the recent success of the character. After one issue, without many flaws, this event can only get better if they follow the formula used in this book.

The Final Say –
This was a great kick off to a huge event. We all have emotional ties with many spider-characters and I feel that this book will bring great joy and also great sadness to readers. Silk is growing as a strong solo character, and Morlun seems to have become a villian that should be feared in the coming months. With all this being said, I have to award The Amazing Spider-Man #9 a solid 4 out of 5. If you have any interest in Peter Parker, or any other Spider in the Marvel Universe, you need to be reading this series. If you already read it, leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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