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4LN Comic Review – The Chimera Brigade #1

Series: The Chimera Brigade
Written by: Serge Lehman & Fabrice Colin
Art by: Gess, with Colors by Celine Bessonneau
Publisher: Titans Comics

Summary from Comixology: “Is the time for morality lessons truly over? The year is 1938, and a new generation of super-humans, born as a side effect of secret chemical weapons, have taken control of the capital cities of Europe… The Age of Super-science has arrived. A stunning period cross between The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Planetary and B.P.R.D. Beliefs can be as powerful as super-science – and just as deadly!”

The Chimera Brigade #1


Chimera Brigade is a new book from Titan Comics that is set in 1938, which, for you non history buffs, is the year before World War 2. It is a comic about several people who have gotten superpowers from science during The Great War (World War 1) like X-rays, poisonous gases, and radium. Without giving the book away, it follows a character who is the daughter of a scientist who researched and treated these super humans. She goes into a special meeting in an underground facility with all of the other super humans from around the globe trying to figure out who this Dr. M character is and his plans. Of course crap hits the fan because duh it’s what happens in comics! Some of the super powers that were shown in this issue were super speed, metamorphosis, seeing in the dark, and there’s a mysterious American who no one knows his powers. If you are a fan of spies, espionage, super powers, and history this book is for you. I really enjoy reading history and it was pretty awesome seeing a new take on it with some secret superheroes! This issue is out today (10/12/16) and I implore all of you comic loving super hero history buffs to pick this one up and try it out! If you can’t make it down to your local comic shop then get it digitally by clicking the Comixology link at the top of the page. Check out a few preview pages below, and if you read it let us know what you thought down in the comments!


The Chimera Brigade #1

The Chimera Brigade #1

The Chimera Brigade #1


(Editor’s Note: This review was written by guest contributor, Tyler Haines. Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel!)

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