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4LN Comic Review – The Death of Wolverine #4

Series: The Death of Wolverine
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Steve McNiven

Summary from Comixology: “Three Months to Die, the loss of Wolverine’s healing factor, all led to this…in this issue, Wolverine dies!”

Death of Wolverine #4

Overview –
WOLVERINE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE… hell… I have no idea.

When I reviewed The Death of Wolverine #1 last month, I was actually really excited for the title. I loved Wolverine when I was a kid and, even though I haven’t been reading any titles with him in them lately,  I was genuinely bummed about seeing him kick-the-bucket. Then issue 2 came out. It was good. Pretty OK cliffhanger. Then issue 3 came out. It was alright I guess. Nothing earth-shattering. And now issue 4 has dropped…

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Highs –
Steve McNiven’s art is incredible. I really love the look of these books and how even though they’ve been very bright and clean, they haven’t felt sterile or fake. He’s a truly brilliant artists. He captures realism in the characters without the pretentiousness of trying to make them feel real. At the end of the day, it’s still a comic and McNiven knows that. And that cover… man, that is a GREAT cover.

Charles Soule is a great writer. I loved his run on Thunderbolts very much, and he has done a solid job with this series. That being said…

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Lows –
I hated this ending. It didn’t feel like a satisfying ending for Logan. Yes, he did die doing something noble and honorable, but they way he goes felt unoriginal. In fact, without specifically spoiling his actual demise, I’ll say that he goes down like a character from a HUGELY famous science fiction/fantasy film series, who didn’t end up actually dying.

Also, I getting sick and tired of $4.99 comic books. That’s absolutely ridiculous and outrageous. If I pay $5 for a comic, I better get more than 23 pages of story. Don’t let that “29 pages of story” bulls–t fool you. I counted and there are only 23 pages of actual story, and that’s if you count the credits pages, which are strewn across 2 pages of Logan driving in the desert.

click for super-sized previews of Death of Wolverine #4

The Final Say –
I once had a friend who was an older, and way more grizzled comic nerd than I am. He didn’t read anything from the big 2 publishers, only indie books. I thought he was just a whiny elitist. But as I get older, I find myself straying further and further from Marvel and DC. This book has just become another nail in that coffin. I’m giving it a 2 out of 4. The art saved it. Is Wolverine probably coming back in some way or another? Yeah. I’d bet on it. Although, I will tell you that I’ve heard that a Marvel editor was quoted at NYCC as saying that Logan is “As dead as Uncle Ben.” So, who knows. Maybe ol’ Jamey Howlett is gonna stay gone for a good while.

Events like this, where the end definitely does not justify the means, are killing Marvel and DC books for me. There’s a whole lot of hype, issues end up getting pushed back to drag it out, and then when the finale hits… you feel like you wasted months of your time and money on something that was mediocre. I suppose I’m just becoming one of those old, grizzled comic book elitists. I’m OK with that.

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