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4LN Comic Review – Wonder Woman #36

Series: Wonder Woman
Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: David Finch
Inker: Richard Friend

Summary from Comixology: “The fate of the Amazons is about to be revealed, major new characters will be introduced, and a new villain will arrive with enough power to defeat the combined might of Wonder Woman and her Justice League teammates!”

I was really excited for this book, but I had some second thoughts on if I was going to be a fan of the new direction that the book will be heading in. One of my top 5 New 52 books was Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. I loved how much greek mythology was used, it was pretty much DC’s version of Thor, and the fact that the book was so self contained was a huge plus for me. Now, correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, but I believe in 35 issues, not once did you have to read another title to understand the epicness of the last creative team. This was a great first issue for a new creative team, but it does leave me with a few concerns…

The Highs:
I personally really enjoyed Meredith Finch’s story telling in this issue. It really built a lot of story in as little as 21 pages. I really enjoyed that the book also stayed at a solid $2.99 even with a new creative team jumping on. I also really, REALLY, enjoyed two characters that make an appearance in this issue. They are both two of my favorite DC characters so it was interesting seeing them show up in this issue, and hopefully they will stick around, or make another appearance. David Finch’s art was also really impressive and extremely detailed.

The Lows: 
As I said in my overview, this book left me with a few concerns. So many key DC characters made an appearance in this book that I am worried this will lead to Wonder Woman showing up in other books and needing to read those titles as well as Wonder Woman to obtain the entire story. (If you can’t tell I’m not a fan of crossover events.) I am also worried about the book being released on a regular schedule. David Finch isn’t the most reliable artist in the industry when it comes to deadlines *cough* Forever Evil *cough*, but that also was not completely his fault.

The Final Say:
This was a great read and has high hopes to remain one of my favorite DC books. Change is not always easy, but sometimes it takes some time getting used to and I hope after a few issues I will have the same love for this book as I did with the last creative team. With all this being said, I think the book deserves a solid rating of 4 out of 5. Pick this book up when you go get your new books. It’s an awesome jumping on point and I do not believe you’ll regret giving this a read.


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