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4LN Interview: Wonder Woman Creative Team – Meredith & David Finch

I have been a big fan of Wonder Woman for several years now. I love reading about a character that is surrounded in mythology. It only makes sense with Thor and Aquaman being my other favorite characters. Since the new 52 relaunch, Wonder Woman has been one of only a few books that I haven’t thought about dropping at one point or another. Brian Azzerllo and Cliff Chaing’s run came to an end recently, and the new creative team has been on fire as of late. And something really interesting about this creative team is… they are married. David and Meredith Finch have been working on this book since issue #36, and it has been a great read seeing Wonder Woman deal with the struggles of being both The God of War and struggling with the responsibility of leading Hippolyta. Besides struggling with these two responsibilities, the fan favorite Donna Troy has returned to make things even more difficult for Wonder Woman with the people of Hippolyta choosing Donna over Diana for their new queen.

Below, you’ll find our conversation with Meredith and David, so please enjoy!


What benefits and difficulties do you each find come along with being a comic book creative team and also a married couple?
DF​:​ There’s a level of honesty that makes us more willing to criticize and I think that’s healthy, but that can also lead to sleeping on the couch from time to time.

MF: David and I have had a synergy almost right from the very first time we met.  We balance each other very well.  He’s strong in the areas where I struggle and visa versa.  Working together on Wonder Woman has really played into that.  He’s my sounding board when I need to talk about story and he asks the questions that ensure that I’m being thoughtful about everything I’m doing and he tells me when something isn’t working.

Fan-favorite Donna Troy makes her triumphant return to the Wonder Woman Universe, can you give us any hints at what struggles will face Donna and Diana in the coming issues?
MF: We will see the epic battle that I know fans have been waiting for in upcoming issues and the animosity between these two characters will continue to grow as we learn more about what Donna’s role and mission will be.  It’s been a lot of fun recreating Donna as someone with the power to stand against a god.
David, you have previously worked on titles such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Forever Evil and now Wonder Woman. These series include characters that are inherently different, so, do you allow your artwork to fit the nature of the character or do you use your specific style to reinvent that character?

DF: It’s a mixture of both, I think.  I don’t so much use my specific style to reinvent a character, but that happens, certainly.  As I get familiar with characters, things evolve.  Sometimes that’s subtle, and sometimes not so much.  I’m always wrestling with change, growth, and fear of change.  It can make for some sleepless nights (especially on the couch).

David, the cover for WW #38 was absolutely brutal and, in my opinion, one of the best covers from The New 52 (one of my close friends actually picked up the series based on this cover alone). Can we expect to see any more covers like this one?

DF: Each cover is kind of it’s own thing, but I’m really focused on drawing covers that react to the emotional core of each issue, as opposed to illustrating a scene from the book. That’s pretty pretentious, I know, but it is what I’m trying for.  Except for when I illustrate a scene from the book.  Sometimes that works too.


Cover for Wonder Woman #38

Meredith, being that this is your first major, mainstream comic book title, can you share with us your initial feelings of taking on the responsibility of writing such an iconic character? 
MF: Taking over such an iconic character in the wake of the success of Brian and Cliff was very intimidating.  From the very beginning I spent a lot of time figuring out who she was as a character and as a person and what was/is most important to her.  I constantly go back to those notes to make sure I am being true to my vision.  With each issue I love Diana more and more and I look forward to the journey we are taking together.
Meredith, you have incorporated most of the Justice League members into this book, can we expect other DC characters to be involved or will the title become self-contained in the near future?

MF: I have always said that I will use other characters in the DCU only in as much as I feel like they add to my story line.  I can’t rule out other characters appearing, but this has always and will always be a Wonder Woman book.


Lightning Round, please answer with the first thing that comes to each of your minds.  

What’s your favorite movie by director David Fincher?  Gone Girl, Fight Club, or The Social Network?
DF: Seven
(That wasn’t one of the options David… but I’ll let it slide because it’s a REALLY good one.)
MF: Definitely Gone Girl

What was the last concert you attended?
DF: [Chris] Daughtry
MF: Chris Daughtry, this past summer

Are you more of a House of Cards household, or an Orange is the New Black household? 
DF: House of Cards
MF: Are those on the Cartoon Network?

What non comic book do you believe everyone should read? 
DF: Don’t Look Back by Gregg Hurwitz
MF: Anything by Dr. Seuss  – hands down my all time favorite author/illustrator.

In a post-apocalyptic world, who would win in a fight in The Thunderdome between the two of you against the Harley Quinn married creative team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti?
DF: We’re so taking this one!  Bring it on, Jimmy!  I’m calling you out!!  (We’re sure they won’t see this, right?….)
MF: I’m totally betting on Amanda and Jimmy.  If they are even half as crazy as their Harley Quinn, we don’t stand a chance.

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