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4LN Kickstarter Spotlight: TORCHLIGHT LULLABY

Torchlight Lullaby is an all-ages graphic novel about a little girl named Ella who ” is forced to cope with her greatest fears when she becomes trapped in her dream world.”

The book is written by Ryan Fisher and we recently had a chance to chat with Ryan about the book. Check out our interview!


4LN – What’s you’re earliest comic book memory?
Ryan Fisher – My very first comics were the Archie TMNT books. The grocery store my mom used to shop at had a spinner rack by the check out and if I wasn’t a total pain in the ass, she’d let me grab one. As a kid, I wasn’t into reading them as much as I was drawing my favorite cartoon characters.

4LN – When did you decide that you wanted to create comics?
RF – I kinda always drew them as a kid, most single panel things. I didn’t get serious about it until art school though. There was an assignment to make a couple of sample comic strips so we could work on facial expressions and body language. I got hooked the first time I did it. Not long after that I started posting my first webcomic.

4LN – Who are some of your biggest influences in comic book writing and art?
RF – Well I have to say Eastman and Laird because the Mirage TMNT was THE book I collected for a long time. I used to study those books to learn visual story telling. Somewhere in my studio closet I have some unct Crescent boards where I painstakingly tried to recreated every page of issue #1 of TMNT. Once I really got into comics in a broader sense though, I fell in love with Charles Schulz, Stan Sakai, Bill Watterson, Michael Turner, Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett and Jim Lee. I’ve always been drawn to sharp wit and interesting line-work and expression in comics.

4LN – Let’s talk about your new Kickstarter project, TORCHLIGHT LULLABY. Is this your first book?
RF – First long form story, yes. First book, no. I also have a collected volume for my comic strip Sometime After. This is the first true story I’ve tried to tell in comic form however.

4LN – Where did the inspiration for Torchlight Lullaby come from?
RF – The story started forming in my head about 2-3 weeks after I lost my stepdad. I’ve always been a bit of an insomniac and when there’s something bothering me, or I’m worried about it, it plays like a movie in my head. Unfortunately I had his passing in my head constantly – eventually I tried to make up stories to focus on something else so I could relax and sleep. Through that, I kept building on to the same story for over a month and that story eventually became Torchlight.

Torchlight is a story about a little girl named Ella who’s forced to cope with her greatest fears when she becomes trapped in her dreams. She and her stuffed mouse Winchell, who has come to life, have to find a way out before the monsters invade her waking world. At its core, Torchlight is a story about getting through the things that feel insurmountable. We all have these feelings of fear, sadness, grief & uncertainty that can seem overwhelming. The circumstances differ for everyone but the feelings are there. And this is really a story about dealing with those emotions, of realizing that you are strong enough and brave enough to handle it.

4LN – This next set of questions is our Lightning Round. Just answer with the first thing that comes to mind…
What was the last concert you went to?
RF – Modest Mouse with Mimicking Birds. Amazing show.

4LN – If you had the chance to write any comic character, who would you pick?
RF – Hands down my dream is to one day work on a TMNT book is some form. I don’t care if that’s art or writing or even a cover. I’ve wanted that since I was 5. TMNT aside I’d love to work on one of the Peanuts comics or play around in the X-Men universe.

4LN – What is the best 80’s movie of all time?
RF – Tough one. I won’t go with the more obvious choices here instead I’ll say it’s a tie between “Ghostbusters” and “They Live.”

4LN – Last question, being that it’s October, Halloween month, what slasher movie villain would you most like to grab a beer with?
RF – Does Pennywise the clown count? While not really a “slasher” flick “IT” scared the hell out of me as a kid and I’d kinda like to kick that alien in the space junk for payback. After that I’d take a shot with him.


I wanna send a big THANKS to Ryan for chatting with us! Head over to the link below to check out more info on how you can support Torchlight Lullaby!

Torchlight Lullaby Kickstarter

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