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4LN Saturday Morning Review: Wytches #3

Series: Wytches
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth


Summary from Comixology:  “A parent’s worst nightmare: a beloved child lost in the woods. Behind the trees lurk horrors, and the brush conceals atrocity. No matter how desperate the search, understand that your prayers will fall on deaf ears. There is no escape from the Wytches.”

As I have mentioned before, Wytches was my favorite Image book of 2014. From it’s first issue released in October, I haven’t been able to stop being excited for this book each month. I really think Snyder and Jock are two of the best in the industry, and them working together, brings nightmares to life. And to make things even better, Hollingsworth’s art makes the images jump off the page, and his use of watercolors really make for a truly unique visual presentation.

Scott Snyder is a master of horror for modern day comic books. We are only three issues in and each issue makes my skin crawl more and more. This issue was no exception to that statement. On more than one occasion in this issue I jumped and said “oh shit!” and, my washing machine made a weird noise in an intense moment of the comic and I about jumped out of my skin. I really enjoyed the intimacy between the Rooks family during a hide and seek game at a playground, and we get to see how nervous and worried she was as a child. The book also goes into more detail about what happened with the crazy woman that snuck into Charlie’s room and explained more about the pledging.

The only bad that I could think of for this issue is having to wait another month to read issue #4. The wait is always the worst part, because each issue has ended with such a cliffhanger. Besides that, there really is nothing wrong with this book.

The Final Say:
If you like horror, this is the comic for you! It’s a fairly fast paced book, and the art and storytelling are truly top notch. Wytches is truly heading into the history of comic books with it’s immense horror factor, and beautiful watercolor like art. It’s great having Jock and Snyder on a book again, and this is WAY more brutal then Batman: The Black Mirror (The book they previously worked on), and for that this gets a 5 out of 5, I can’t stress it enough, you need to be reading this book!


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