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4LN Review: SMS Audio Biosport Earbuds by Intel

Product: SMS Audio Biosport Headphones Powered by Intel

Summary from Intel:

Intel and SMS Audio have announced a collaboration to develop the first personal audio system that brings together lifestyle and technology to provide smart exercise capabilities to athletes of all levels. The battery-free, sweat proof SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones will motivate and encourage consumers to reach optimal levels of fitness. The in-ear headphones will integrate biometric sensors with a heart rate monitor and sync with RunKeeper to empower athletes to collect fitness data and achieve peak physical performance. The collaboration marries the latest in fitness-monitoring biometric technology with high-quality audio and style

I was taken by surprise when I found out that Intel made these headphones. With the wearables industry booming with smart watches, fitness trackers, eyewear and more; it makes sense for Intel to jump into the competition with a pair of smart headphones. I am by no means a gym rat or active person, but I am probably the biggest headphone snob that you will come across. So here are my thoughts on Intel’s SMS Audio Biosport earbuds.


The build on these earbuds are legit. They’re sturdy and are really comfortable to wear. With earbuds I always struggle tangling the cord and shorting them out, so I was very happy with the flat cable design. The sound is really good, with a really nice range. The mids and highs are fantastic, but I would be happy with some more bass. This is a common issue I’ve found with any fitness style headphones though, you tend to sacrifice some of the bass for the comfort of the earbuds. By no means is this a deal breaker for the Biosport earbuds, it’s really the only complaint I have about them. Overall the sound quality is far beyond similar styled earbuds that I’ve tried before.


The big feature of the Biosport earbuds, is the fitness tracking aspect.  The earphones have a built in heart-rate monitor that you can use with a fitness tracker on your smartphone.  As I mentioned earlier I am by no means a gym rat, but I did use these at the gym the few times I went. The comfort and sound really do make these the perfect gym headphones. The rubber ear pieces are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sweat accumulating and the earbuds falling out. I used the RunKeeper app to use the heart monitor feature, which seemed to work quite well. I did an interesting experiment at work where I would wear them throughout the day to chart out stressful parts of the day based on my heart rate. It was pretty cool to see, and would let know when I would need to step outside and take a walk to unwind.


Overall Intel’s SMS Audio Biosport earbuds are a great piece of technology and proves how everything is becoming smarter with each passing day. These are made by Intel so it’s no surprise that they’ve made a high quality product like this. I’ve made them my main pair of earbuds and they now have a permanent spot in my backpack. The only complaint I have is really that I would prefer more bass. I’m interested to see if Intel will add more smart features to future versions. If you’re into fitness or physical activity and are looking for a high quality sound experience, look no further than Intel’s SMS Audio Biosport earbuds.

(Featured image and video courtesy of Intel)

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