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4LN’s Farewell to Comic Collector Live: the Store

From the beginning of 4LN, about a year and half ago, we have been privileged to call Comic Collector Live: The Store our comic-home. We’ve all moved our pullbox’s over to them and they’ve been our go-to for all our back issue and trade needs. They’re also a great bunch of folks who always welcome the opportunity to chat about comics with anyone who walk through the door. I’m willing to bet there has never been even one instance where someone walked into the CCL store and wasn’t enthusiastically greeted with a smile. Our very first interview article was with shop manager Steven Boyd, back in October of 2013. They hosted our 1 year birthday party back in August, and we partnered with them to promote several events such as Free Comic Book Day, Halloween Comicfest, and their annual Superhero Day event. They sponsored the prizes that we gave out at the Avengers trivia night we hosted back when Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out. I myself even became a back-up store clerk, jumping in to help out on the weekends and with new shipment orders. They have been an invaluable source of entertainment and good times for us here at 4LN. And so it is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Comic Collector Live: The Store has made the decision to close down it’s retail operation, in an effort to put more focus on their online services. We’re all very saddened by the news but we understand that they have to do what’s right for them and we wish them the best in their continued endeavors.

The 4LN crew at CCL on our 1 year anniversary!

I myself am eternally grateful to Steve and Joe for having faith enough in me to let me loiter around their shop and pester people with my suggestions on what comics I think they’d like. Helping out around the shop taught me a lot about myself. I’m a way better salesman than I ever thought I was and I realized that it comes out when I’m really passionate about what I’m “selling”. Truth is, I never saw it as “selling comics” to people. I’ve grown to think of it as simply being the guy who pulls back the curtain that had been concealing a wonderful, fantastical universe of superheroes, monsters, and epic stories that can help you escape on an adventure or provide you something to relate to so that you don’t feel so alone in the world. It made me feel so good to help people find comics that they were excited to read and I appreciate the CCL Store for giving me that opportunity.

This was me pretty much every time I helped out in the shop.


The other guys from 4LN wanted to say a little bit about their experiences with the CCL Store as well so I’m gonna hand it over to them now so that they can tell you how much the shop had meant to them…


Bill – Comic Collector Live: The Store was always a home away from home for me. On many different occasions I would just show up to the shop when Stephen was working and sit on the couch and loiter for an afternoon (think of me as Brian from Comic Book Men). I didn’t work there, but chances are you would find me hanging out there. I became really good friends with the shop manager, Steve Boyd. Steve is such a nice guy that on multiple occasions he sold me books from his own private collection (The Dark Knight Returns #2,3,4; Amazing Spider-Man #546 (Dan Slott’s first issue), and Spawn #16). I am extremely grateful for this awesome little shop, and I will truly miss these guys. Becoming friends with Steve Boyd was like having a drug dealer on speed-dial (How many times has that comparison been made now Steve?) and I don’t know what I’ll do going back to a different store after such a great experience with CCL. So long and thanks for all the comics my friends. #CoolGuySteve

CCL’s Kid’s Section. This is how to start your children off right!

Cam – I am a relative newcomer to comics so Comic Collector Live: The Store was my first and only shop.  Whenever we started this website over a year ago I had read several graphic novels, but most of my nerdiness was directed towards other ventures.  That all changed when Stephen showed me his interview with Mr. Boyd and recommended I swing by Comic Collector Live: The Store sometime.  I still remember walking into the shop and ending up in a 30 minute conversation with Steve about all sorts of topics.  Since then I have become regular customer and have developed a great friendship with Steve and the guys.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to get more involved with CCL through 4LN, and they’ve been beyond gracious dealing with a group of ragtag, amateur bloggers with delusions of grandeur.  If they think closing down the brick-and-mortar store will keep me from stopping by, they have another thing coming.  To Steve, Joe, and everyone else at CCL, you guys are awesome!  Thanks for everything.

Cam hanging out at CCL: The Store on Free Comic Book Day


Cody -I’m in the same boat as Cam. Before CCL: The Store became open to the Hendersonville area, the only place to grab comics were one or two cities over, meaning I really didn’t venture to a comic shop that often. I loved having the ability with CCL: The Store to venture into a new way of story telling that is almost a century old at this point. Stephen G. actually started selling to me before he started at the shop, and helped me realize what a cool medium comics are. I loved taking my kids in there and exposing them to the wonders of the super hero, and giving them the ability to pick out their own comics to “read”. It was a great way to introduce them to story telling, even if they were just in it for the pictures. For those of you who never visited the store, the guys aren’t just blowing smoke up your ass about how friendly everyone there is/was. Stephen Boyd always was willing to help you find what you wanted, and like Bill said, if it wasn’t in the store he’d sometimes pull it from his personal collection. That’s what you call customer service folks. Even outside of that, CCL: The Store was more than generous with us here at 4LN. They donated hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, a basket of goodies for a local Breakfast with Santa silent auction, and when one of our friends’ son was diagnosed with Leukemia they gladly put together a cheer up basket filled with all kinds of Spiderman and Skylanders Giants products. They have been more than a helping hand within our community, and really have been a great partner to us (though I think we gained more than they did). That is the kind of shop CCL:The Store is though, one that would give you the shirt off their back if it meant sharing a passion with you. Thank you for everything guys, and here’s to an even more successful year for your website!


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  • I have never been to the store sadly but I will say I have known Steve a few years and have had great pleasure being a fellow vendor at comic book and toy shows . I wish him and everyone at CCL a great adventure and many profitable ventures .

    • Luckily, they aren’t shutting down their website, so I’m sure you’ll see him still at shows. Thanks for the comment!

  • That sucks, I hate to see a good store close down. My local comic shop closed down about a month ago and since then have not been able to get any comics. The nearest store now is over 2 hours away. I got my comic love from that store and now I got nothing. I know how it feels and it sucks.

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