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4LN’s Favorite Free Comic Book Day 2014 Titles

Well folks, Free Comic Book day 2014 has come and gone, and all we’re left with… are these tons and tons of great free comics! Man, were there some GREAT ones this year! We here at 4LN have been avidly working through our stack and we wanted to share with you our favorites!


Stephen Andrew – My favorite book was definitely Rocket Raccoon. I’ve always been a fan of the character anyway, and seeing him get an opportunity to be showcased more on his own (well, Groot’s there too) is really exciting. The book features Rocket and Groot on a mission to rescue a princess from some intergalactic baddies. But, as you can imagine, things don’t go quite as planned. I like serious comics, but I honestly prefer my books to more on the “ridiculous” side of things. I like a comic that knows it’s a comic. That’s why I loved this first in what will hopefully be many more adventures of Rocket.


Lycan (6 year old) – My favorite book was Zombie Kid Diaries, because it was about a high school kid who’s a zombie.

(Editor’s Note – This title appears to have been leftover from our local shop’s Halloween Comicfest stash, but it was still free!)


Cam – This was my very first FCBD and I had a great time! The only book I have been able to read out of my free books is Guardians of the Galaxy. I am pretty unfamiliar with the series, but with the movie coming out I wanted to give it a try (I’m a sucker for trends). The first part of the book served as an introduction to the members of the Guardians through narration by Marvel Cash Cow, Tony Stark, as well as introducing a new member to the team, Agent Venom (who seems to be a cross between Spider-Man and the Punisher – what could possibly go wrong). Tony’s perspective is hilarious, and giving each character a page or two of back story was a great idea for us newcomers (most people). The second part of the book had to do with a Thanos storyline. Thanos seems to be more introspective and emotional this go around, but I probably won’t read the rest of that storyline so I guess I will never know why. The third and final part had to do with the Spiderverse and included a Spider-Man in a Shakespearean era that was killed by what appears to be a Vampire… no idea. The GotG introduction was great; the Thanos storyline was alright; the Spiderverse story just left me befuddled enough to use the word befuddled when describing it.


Bill– One of my favorite books was actually The Simpsons book from Bongo. Growing up, my brother always had The Simpsons on in the house so my love for them has been since birth. I ALWAYS enjoy a Simpsons comic because they are just fun. Its a simple little read and you don’t have to know what’s going in in the previous 100 issues and what is going to happen in the next 100 (I’m looking at you Johnathan Hickman!). My favorite Story in this book was the Bart and Milhouse arc where they try to find their own superheros. I mean, how awesome would that be? We could finally have our own Bartman book! If you aren’t familiar with The Simpsons in the comic book world, you should be reading these hilarious books.


Austin (A Nerdy Guest Contributor) -My favorite title from FCBD was actually one I bought, Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft Volume: 1. Not to give too much away, but this was a fantastic read from start to finish. First of all, the art is phenomenal. The violence is not teen rated, there is some brutal f***ing stuff in here. The art is very cartoony, which adds an even stranger element to the panels. The characters have big eyes similar to Japanese manga’s, and the emotions are easily seen within every characters facial expressions. The story paces itself very well, and seems to keep to real time, almost as if you were actually watching this happen. Which is a nice change of pace, compared to feeling like things are happening to quickly that you can’t keep up, that is where Locke and Key shines. The whole volume is shrouded in questions, and you’ll have a lot of them by the end. Picking up Volume 2 is a must for me, because I NEED to know what the hell is going on. I bought this as a Hundred Penny Press (which is a fancy way of saying that it cost a dollar) and it was one of the best comic decisions I’ve ever made. By the end of Volume: 1, Pandora’s Box of questions had been opened for me. Locke & Key: Welcome to LoveCraft has left me with a lot of questions, and I leave it with a 4 out of 4.


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