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4LN’s Most Anticipated Comics of 2015!

As 2014 draws to a close, and we reflect on the great comics we’ve enjoyed this year, let’s remember that next year is right around the corner and holds some pretty exciting new series for us to indulge in! Here’s what we’re most looking forward to!


Bill – Gwen Stacey: Spider-Gwen.

Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 1 2
Edge of Spider-Verse #2 was one of the BEST comics I read in 2014. I really wasn’t expecting much from the event, but that issue two blew my mind. And when the news about Spider-Gwen getting her own series was announced I was super excited. The creative team behind the book, writer Jason Latour, artist Robbi Rodriguez, and colorist Rico Renzi are going to do a hell of a job one one of my favorite female characters, Gwen Stacey. I’m really excited for a new take on a character that I really love. And, I think she’s in great hands. We have already seen some emotional moments between Spider-Gwen and Earth 616 Peter Parker, so I’m interested to see how things go for the two of them after Spider-Verse. Be sure to pick up Spider-Gwen when it hits shelves in February! (She also plays in an all female punk band, do they want me to fall in love with her?!?!)


Cameron – Star Wars Comics from Marvel

My most anticipated comic of 2015 also happens to be the most anticipated movie of 2015 – Star Wars by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday.

Star Wars
I am really excited to see what Marvel does with the property now that they have it back from Dark Horse, and it’s shaping up to be an awesome book.  Star Wars will be set directly after the events of Star Wars IV A New Hope and will detail what actually happened following the mass genocide via farmboy (aka the destruction of the Death Star) and go from there.  In the movie there is about a three year gap between A New Hope and Empire, so there is a lot of room to tell a good story there.  Speaking of telling a good story, the fact that Jason Aaron is involved is probably what I am most excited about.  He is a terrific writer and the fact he is involved makes me feel like Marvel will be taking this property seriously.  Star Wars #1 will hit shelves on January 14, 2015.


Stephen – Howard the Duck, and Valiant Comics

There are a handful of comic-industry things I’m looking forward to in the new year, but I’ll just narrow down to 2 specific things. The first is Marvel’s new Howard the Duck series, by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones.

Now, I’m not like a huge, old school fan of Howard or anything, but I’ve read enough of his stuff to know that the 80’s movie about him isn’t even close to being an accurate interpretation of the character. I also really loved the Marvel Zombies Destroy mini-series from a couple of years ago that had him teaming up with Dum Dum Dugan. Probably the main reason I’m so excited about it is that Chip Zdarsky is writing it. Chip is one funny motherf@#er, and if you don’t believe me, then go follow him on Twitter. He is also the co-creator and artist for Sex Criminals; an Image Comics series that all intercourse-experienced adults should be reading. I am confident that Howard’s sarcasm and the tongue-in-cheek nature of his series are in capable, and culpable, hands with Chip at the helm.

The other thing I’m stoked about for 2105 is the new line of books from Valiant Comics. I’d say I’m most excited about Ninjak and Bloodshot: Reborn. Valiant Comics have been KILLING IT lately on their series’ and if the first issue of The Valiant is any indication, we’re in for some kick-ass books from this publisher in 2015.


Are you excited about any of these new series? Is there something else in the comics world you’re pumped to see in 2015? Let us know in the comments below!

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