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A New “Justice” League Member?

Well Justice League fans, some new information has surfaced about the end of the Forever Evil run. If you are living under a rock and not familiar with Forever Evil, The Crime Syndicate has arrived on earth and killed off the justice league and revealed the identity of one key DC character (SPOILER: It was Nightwing). This has been a pretty fun ride so far and we are only 4 issues into the Forever Evil story but it has also crossed into Justice League and a few other titles.

With the entire story of F.E., writer and creator of the story Geoff Johns has told readers and fans to keep an eye on Lex Luther and pay attention to his motives. In this title we see that, surprisingly, Lex is actually extremely defiant of The Crime Syndicate and he forms his own team to take them down. This team consists of Bizzaro Superman, Black Manta, Captain Cold, and Black Adam.

We found out that this April, Justice League will have a new member, and that’s Mr. Luthor. On the cover of Justice League #30 we see Luthor standing with Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and… Captain Cold. We should mention that Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern aren’t pictured (though Green Lantern left JL in issue 11 after a fight with Wonder Woman and some insults.) So what does this mean for the dynamic of Justice League, who will lead them? Surly Batman thinks he’s best suited for it, but then again, Lex will think he’s the best leader. This is sure to be a fun adaption to the team and the book. I personally just really hope this isn’t a gimmick to increase sales, I hope Lex sticks around longer than a year…


The cover of Justice League #30, out in April 2014!



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