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A Sad day for Sci-Fi

It saddens me to have to report this, but news is news. Since a very young age I have loved Sci-Fi films, books and games. It was one of the first “nerd” things I was exposed too. And of all the sci-fi films, one of my favorites is Alien. It’s one of few movies that has truly captured me and also changed how I see things, still to this day Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors. I am also a HUGE alien conspirator, I even have an alien tattoo (but not the version from the films). When I think of how an alien should look, I see the version that H.R. Giger created, and it’s sad to think he is no longer with us.

H.R. Giger passed away on May 12, 2014 from injuries sustained during a fall, his museum said.

H.R Giger worked on movies such as Dune, The Alien series, Poltergeist 2, Batman Forever (though his design was not used for the Batmobile) and also Prometheus. The film world has lost a very creative mind.

According to “Giger’s so-called biomechanoids represent a large share of his work. His representations of these creatures is a mixture of human and mechanical parts, with a strong focus on sexuality that can be disturbing for the viewer.” Giger worked with punk band Dead Kennedy’s and created a VERY graphic sex image that was released as a poster with the album Frabkenchrist which led to an obscenity trial in 1980’s.

I thank you for all the nightmares and terrors of extra-terrestrial life forms. May you rest in peace H.R. Giger, you will be greatly missed.


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