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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Debut!

It’s here folks! The first official trailer for Spider-Man 2!



I’ll admit, it looks pretty bad-ass. I’m still not thrilled about Electro being blue and Rhino being a damn robot, but that’s just me being a comic book traditionalist. Maybe I’ll warm up to the idea.

What do you guys think? Does this trailer make you excited for the flick, or are you still skeptical? Let us know down below!



If you’ll notice at about 1:15 into the trailer you can see what appears to be Vultures wings and Doctor Octopus’ mechanical tenticals. Then at about 1:21 there are 6 numbered doors that open… clearly both references that lead us to assuming the Sinister Six will certainly play a role in this and/or future Spidey flicks.

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