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Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel, and Video Game News

If you saw Mad Max: Fury Road, it probably left you wanting more, and, if you are a Mad Max fan in general, you have been waiting close to 30 years for more adventures in the post apocalyptic world. Well, good news fans! We have two major Mad Max updates for you, and you are going to be excited to hear what’s coming up!

Mad Max: The Game
“In the Wasteland it’s every man for himself. Playing as reluctant warrior, Mad Max, you must embark on a treacherous journey to build the ultimate war vehicle, and leave the madness behind.”

The game is being developed by the team behind the Just Cause series and will be an open world survival game focusing on staying alive in the wasteland. The objective of the game is to build the best “magnum opus,” also known as your car. After being left for dead in the dessert, you must decide how you will survive and what you will do to help save, or doom the remaining humans in the wasteland.

Check out the gameplay trailer from Playstation, and it features footage that is in-engine, comprised of actual gameplay and in-game cinematics. The game will be for current generation systems, PlayStation 4, X-Box One, and PC.

Pre-order the game today and get the exclusive Ripper Magnum Opus vehicle!


Mad Max: The Wasteland

Director and series creator George Miller has announced that he has a title for next chapter in the Mad Max series, Mad Max: The Wasteland. Miller stated that with the release delays for Fury Road this gave him time to work on a script and novella for the next film, Wasteland. The title is actually interesting since the universe that Mad Max takes place in is called The Wasteland, so this title doesn’t explain much, but it gives a hint that we may see more of the vast realm that is the Wasteland. With as crazy and insane as Fury Road was, this can only mean we will see more madness and insanity in the universe this franchise takes place in.


Video Game: 

Disney Inifinity: Is It Worth It?

Disney excels at making money, and Disney Infinity proves it.  If you are unfamiliar with the toy your kid is probably begging you for, let me get you two acquainted.  Disney Infinity is a 2-player, multi-platform videogame that involves the purchase of multiple peripherals to get more characters, levels, bonuses etc.  The game is centered around the portal, which is used to place both the game world and the playable characters (in the form of figurines).  This means that in order to play as more characters you need to shell out more cash to purchase more figurines, and to play more game worlds you have to purchase those too.

That’s a lot of stuff to buy… is it worth it?

First off, my kids are too young to play it, and lack the vocal faculty to beg for it.  My wife, on the other hand, wanted it for her birthday, and who am I to argue with a wife who wants videogames for her birthday?

No one, that’s who.

So on her birthday we went to Sam’s Club and purchased the Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack.  The starter pack includes a copy of the game (make sure to get the one that corresponds with your particular system), the Avengers world, and three figurines – Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow.  We got our for around $55, which really isn’t that bad for what you get.


Where you start to find an enormous leak in your bank account is the inevitable desire for more and more characters and worlds.  We got lucky with the starter pack because my favorite Marvel character is Thor and Paige’s (at least in the LEGO games) is Iron Man, so we started with the characters we already wanted.  That being said, the next day we bought the Guardians of the Galaxy combo pack that comes with Star-Lord, Gamorra and the GotG world, and was another $35.  Then a couple of days later we bought Hulk because Charlie, our 2 year old LOVES Hulk (and to smash things).  Each of these characters run between $10-14 and are pretty hard to find used.  We were fortunate enough to have a friend give us Captain America, but we still bought Rocket Raccoon.  There is also a Spider-Man world and set of characters, but neither of us really care for Spider-Man or the characters playable in that world so there’s some saved cash there… Being the completionists that we are, we still have to get Hawkeye, Groot and Drax so that’s another $30-45 right there.


Yes, let the money flow through you.

What I’m trying to say is that our sons are going to have a whole lot of Disney Infinity to play with because their parents got a little carried away and had a little disposable income at the time.

So yes, it definitely costs more than the average videogame when you factor in all of the peripherals that aren’t necessarily required, but will be bought anyway.  The upside is, the game is a lot of fun and the figurines make a perfect addition to a nerd-shelf, which is something I recommend all homes have.  The game itself is basically an open world “sandbox” style game that has a simple RPG style system used to level up your characters.  The more you play as a particular character, the more powers they can unlock.  We have had a lot of fun flying around New York, trying to put an end to Loki’s nefarious schemes and keeping Ronan the Accuser away from Knowhere, and the replay value is off the charts.  The Avengers storyline is relatively short, but the missions are entertaining (who doesn’t love smiting Frost Giants with Mjolnir, am I right?), and the characters maintain their level when you start a new game, so you can continue playing through the story to level up the characters completely.

Final Say

If you and your kids love the Marvel universe, this is definitely one of the best games available.  The missions are engaging, but short enough that they don’t start feeling like a chore (a common problem with the LEGO games), the gameplay is relatively straightforward, and the storyline is fun.  Ultimately, I think this game is worth it, but I would definitely pick and choose which properties you think you and yours would like the most, at least at first.  For us it was the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, for you it might be Spider-Man.  Either way the game is entertaining for both kids and adults, and is definitely one of the best games out there as far as Marvel is concerned.  It’s worth it.

All New “Batman: Arkham Knight” Trailer

Just launched was the new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer for next generation consoles (that’s the X-Box One and Play Station 4). This trailer takes place in ACE Chemicals which is fairly iconic in the Batman mythology and also in the previous installments of the games. Scarecrow has taken over the plant, but Batman plans to liberate the works still stuck inside. This is the first trailer in a gameplay series called “Ace Chemicals Infiltration.”

In this trailer we see a much more intense Arkham Knight (who is the new villain introduced in the game), the badass Batmobile, which looks amazing, and the extended gameplay in the trailer looks flawless. I have been super excited for this game and after seeing this trailer, and I hope you are as excited as I now am.

Check it out here!

The Superman of Call of Duty – CoD: Advanced Warfare Review

(Editor’s Note: This article was written by our good pal Shane. Amateur gamer, professional badass.)


Do you want to fly around and shoot lasers at people while having Kevin Spacey cheer you on…… Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the game for you. I read a lot of reviews on this game prior to its release and I have read some since the release and they are all written by pro’s and hardcore gamers. I myself run with about a .85 KD. For those of you that don’t know, Call of Dutiers(?) are measured by the size of their KD (Kill /Death Ratio), in case you’re wondering mine is average for my size, anyway, my review of the game will be based on the casual gamer’s gameplay and thoughts on how the game is set up as opposed to past COD’s.

Let me first say that I bought the day zero addition, which means I got the game one day before everyone else, let me also say that the game was unplayable until yesterday due to server lags on the call of duty server locations. So, if you have read bad reviews about the game freezing and grinding to a halt after kills…well that is kind of fixed now and should be completely fixed by next week.

For me I really enjoy the color schemes they used to highlight players and map features. The main problem people had with COD Ghost, was the maps were very dark and big and encouraged camping…which is sitting in a dark high traffic corner and shooting as players ran by. This game almost completely eliminates camping. The colors contrast so well and they have taken out perks that control your blind side. This forces you to get out in the map and engage other players in a gun slinger type game play.

I also am really digging the EXO suits and the abilities. For this game COD wanted to go vertical, you now have the abilities to double jump in mid air, hover, boost side to side to avoid bullets, and once earned you can go invisible for a short period of time (like 3 seconds). For me this makes the game so addictive, there is so much new stuff to master and the vertical aspect of the maps keeps you guessing as to where the enemy will be coming from.

This brings me to what I perceive as developmental designs. In COD Ghost you could play alone and be fine. You have IED’s and if danger was close you could plant on your blind side and by yourself, you could hold down a whole room or building. I believe this game was designed for you to party up and engage the other players. Playing as a team will have huge advantages in this game since you can not protect your blind side alone. Also this game was designed for you to use add-ons, such as Scuff controllers and Kontrol freeks. Scuff controllers give you the ability to jump, aim and shoot without moving your normal finger placements and Kontrol freeks allow you to quickly and precisely follow jumping moving targets. They have also cleverly added what people once used to have to cheat to get… For those of you that have every played COD and wondered how people could see you through walls and kill you, well it was called wall hacking and it cost 60 bucks a month to buy and maintain so Sony can not detect it and ban your console. This game will give it to you for a short period of time, as a perk, after so many kills. Like I said, they designed this game for you to move and experience the whole map.

This leads me to my last point about the multiplayer aspect of this game. The maps are brilliant so far. They are tight maps with few lanes, they are one level vertical and there are very few dark spots. So far I haven’t seen too many places where I could not see who was shooting me. This was a big problem with Ghost, you could get shot from across the map and have zero chance to engage. I also feel like they put a lot of thought into how the maps are laid out, the cover and jump spots are not so plentiful so you can shoot and duck, but they are enough so you can reload safely and continue gun fighting.

The rooms and building all have multiple entrances and windows and they all have very unique game play patterns. As far as I can tell two have dynamic map features which means the map changes as the game plays, one of them floods with a giant tsunami that you can watch roll in and the other erupts with a volcano.

The other thing I have really enjoyed is the campaign mode…this is a single player mode played in a story format. If you didn’t already know, Kevin Spacey plays a leading role in this game play as Jonathan Irons, leader of the Atlas Corporation who is responsible for the “Advanced Warfare”. There is just something about playing this and having Spacey talk directly to me that makes the game feel more enjoyable. My son and I have been tag-teaming the campaign mode and it is just as enjoyable as the multiplayer modes. After the first couple of hours of Ghost’s campaign I felt like I had already played out the whole story line. The Exo abilities and the robotics aspect of the game, as well as Kevin Spacey, make you feel like every scene and game selection are new and building towards something climactic.

The Stuff I don’t like…… The swearing in campaign mode. The F word along with others are used regularly. I am still a little miffed that I paid for Day Zero and couldn’t play it until day 9. This is kind of a neutral point but for casual players, it is very hard to unlock attachments and perks, Double kills and hip fires are hard to do, but they make the game interesting and challenging. Playing this game makes it very difficult to go back to previous CODs, since now I want to Double jump onto building but instead I just jump into a wall and look like a total Noob looking for a secret door.

Over All the game is great, very fun, very challenging and fast paced.

Shane Davis
Played BO1, BO2, Ghost, & Advanced Warfare…and I still get merked by 13 year olds.
PSN Tag – SootedAA

Is It Worth It? Destiny (Video Game Review)


With the cost of newer video games being nearly $70 , the great inventions Gamefly and RedBox help the cautious gamer like myself to review a game before really investing in it. It’s a great way to rent a game, test it out, and make sure you really want to own it for later consumption. For some, these great companies allow more serious gamers the ability to play a game all the way through at about 15% of the cost or less.

Clever Gamer!

Clever Gamer!

Recently I was at Wal-Mart (this is usually the beginning sentence to a horror script), and low and behold there was a Red Box kiosk at the front door staring me in the face. Begging me to come and look at it’s inventory for rent. They can be so much like those cigarette commercials where they bully you into doing something you may not want to do.


Me- “Okay, just don’t hurt my kids.”

This kiosk was differnt as it had an add for the brand new game Destiny plastered all over, more so then when Captain America: Winter Solider came out. I had seen the awesome commercial that reminded me of guardians of the galaxy, and honestly it got me. I wanted to check it out because it looked awesome. If you haven’t seen this commercial check it out below. Now… on to my review.


What is it?

Destiny is a mythic science fiction, open world, online shared first person shooter that was developed by the makers of Halo, Bungie. Is that not a tongue twister or what? It was released on September 9th, 2014, and is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.  Here is the setting of the game for the Destiny Wiki page.

Destiny is set seven hundred years into the future in a post-apocalyptic world. The setting follows a prosperous period of exploration, peace, and technological advancement known as the Golden Age.[17] In a universe where humans have spread out and colonized planets in the Solar System, an event known as “the Collapse” saw the mysterious dissolution of these colonies, the end of the Golden Age, and mankind teetering on the brink of extinction. The only known survivors of the Collapse are those living on Earth, who were saved by “the Traveler,” a white, spherical celestial body whose appearance centuries before had enabled humans to reach the stars.[18] The Traveler now hovers above the last safe city on Earth, and its presence allows the Guardians — the defenders of the City — the ability to wield an unknown power, only referred to as “The Light.”

Upon mankind’s first attempt to repopulate and reconstruct after the Collapse, it is discovered that hostile alien races have occupied mankind’s former colonies and civilizations and are now encroaching upon the City. The player takes on the role of one such Guardian, and is tasked with reviving the Traveler while investigating and destroying the alien threats before humanity is completely wiped out.



Loading and waiting…..


First let me say that I still have the PS3, like most of the population over the age of 25 that has kids like I do. The installation and download time for this game took about 45 minutes before I could jump into it, partly because I didn’t have enough space on my hard drive so I had to clear some stuff out. I want to also clear the air that I am a casual gamer at best, so I don’t have the most ridiculous internet speed for online gaming(this is important to Destiny). Once I had cleared enough space to install the game, it still took about 30-40 minutes to get it up and running. So if you have something to do while you wait(like dishes, taking a jog, answering some emails, or calling your Nana) I suggest you do it and save yourself the migraine.


In the opening scenes for the game, the graphics are on par for any opening title scene. I will say, that it’s obvious this game is designed for the latest console as it’s nothing special to any other opening scene. Big worlds, new creatures, explosions, it all looks the same simply because the hardware is limited. I’m sure this game is freaking ridiculous on the PS4, but I wasn’t overly impressed once the game play started. It still seemed very pixelated, and the PS3 doesn’t have the power to handle the detail this game deserves. So, if you’re renting it for a visual orgasm, don’t expect your eyes to melt out of your head (because that’s impossible unless you’re that guy from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark). If you are on one of the newer systems, Destiny uses a new game engine that really you won’t see the true beauty of unless you’re on a PS4. The take away here is that the graphics are great, but even greater on the new consoles

Look at it with your PS4 eyes, not your PS3 eyes.

Look at it with your PS4 eyes, not your PS3 eyes. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Game Play

I’m not sure any other game (outside of WoW and other PC games) has done this, but the game play in Destiny is constantly online. Even if you are following your own story line, other people are simultaneously weaved within yours following their own. Confused? You shouldn’t be. The main focus of Destiny is to meet other online players and join forces to go and achieve tasks together. You could be facing a hoard of aliens (that’s what you’re fighting the whole game pretty much) and about to die, and another online player could jump in to help you conquer the beasts (The developer, Bungie, likes to call this a “Shared World Shooter” verses the traditional tag “MMO” or Massively Multiplayer Online). I’m the equivalent of a hermit when it comes to online gaming, simply because I just want to play and be left alone. For those of you that enjoy “meeting” online strangers and playing games together, Destiny is full of that. For the most part, Destiny is a first person shooter game with a constant online presence. It is open world, like GTAV, so there is a lot of exploring you can do and missions you can accomplish. If you have the dedication, after level 20 the game takes on a different feel and changes. I didn’t make that far… let me explain in the overall review


Overall… if you’re not huge into online tag team games, the story telling of this game does not make for much of a adventure if you’re playing alone. Simply, each mission feels repetitive. You travel to a world, defeat some aliens, collect some things, and move on to the next one. If you want, you can make it interesting by going around and shooting other online players, but I’m not a complete dick so I stayed true to the course of playing the missions. On a rating scale of “Boo” to “AWESOME!” I give Destiny an even keel “Meh.” Personally, this is a renter. I don’t think this is worth the $65 dollars. I thought this game might be more set up like a mix between Drake’s Uncharted and Batman Arkham Asylum, but alas It was more like Halo. If you enjoy Halo and WoW you’ll probably love this game. As for me, I wasn’t that impressed.


What other games should I review? Let me know in the comments below.

“In The Beginning…” – The Origin of 4 Letter Nerd

A long long time ago, on a Facebook thread hidden deep in the interwebs,  there was a little boy named Bill who wished upon a dying star that he could somehow work in the nerd community. And like the shadow of Xerxes’ arrows, 3 old guys and a tech genius descended upon him within minutes and began what is now known as Four Letter Nerd. That is where our journey began a year ago, and we’d like to invite you to read the thread itself for all it’s glory. Enjoy.


Origin 1Origin 2Origin 3Origin 4Origin 5Origin 6Origin 7Origin 8Origin 9Origin 10Origin 11Origin 12Origin 13

Origin 14


As you can see by the main image at the top of this article, we’re throwing ourselves a Birthday party! We’re calling it 4LN’s BirthdayCon, and we want you all to come! Come party with us at our favorite comic shop, Comic Collector Live: the Store! Get more info by going here:


New Guardians of the Galaxy Heroclix Sets

(Editor’s note: This article was written by resident 4LN Heroclix expert Matthew Mason)

With Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theaters this coming Friday, NECA/WizKids is dropping two GotG HeroClix sets. A small movie-based set which was meh, and a full comic-based set that is scheduled to launch August 6th. The Heroclix Nation has waited patiently for a small taste of what will be in the comic set and our patience has paid off with the release of these previews. So here’s a look at some awesome pieces including a few Zombie chases!        

A special thanks goes out to Carta Magica Ottawa ( for releasing these previews throughout the Canadian National Championship!

Mortal Kombat X Trailer

670px-2,675,0,410-Slider_Mortal_Kombat_2011 I remember when I was around 10 years old, and I couldn’t play Mortal Kombat because of how violent it was for it’s time (turn it off!! I hear Mom’s footsteps!) Well, a new era is about to be unleashed in the new Mortal Kombat X that is set to release in 2015 for PS4. There hasn’t been a ton of games that have convinced me to make the move to the next generation of system, but WOW, this game may convert me yet. As you’ll see in the trailer below, there is some serious smoothness going on with the game play. With what opens up to look like another typical game/movie trailer, quickly kicks you in the face switching to what appears to be  game play seamlessly. Smoothly transitioning from live game play to 3d animation, this appears to be made of our Mortal Kombat dreams. I for one cannot wait for this to be released. Enjoy.

4LN Primer: HeroClix

Our first 4LN Primer focused on the Victorian/Science-Fiction world that is Steampunk.

What I hope to accomplish with the concept of Primers is to provide an basic introduction on different sub-sects of Nerd culture for what we like to call “Casuals” (casual nerds).  I myself am a Casual (Bill and Stephen are too far gone to be considered Casuals) and I always enjoy learning about new things, even if I don’t end up participating myself.  With all of that in mind, let’s turn our attention to the heroically clicky world of HeroClix.

Prefacing Statement: I have never played HeroClix, the point of this article is to cover the history and the basic gameplay so that we can all learn a little about it and decide if that’s something we would want to participate in – so if there are a few miscues, please forgive me.  Also, there aren’t going to be a lot of jokes in this article — it turns out HeroClix is really hard to joke about.

HeroClix was created by WizKids in 2002.  Over the last twelve years, HeroClix has been created, bought, sold and shutdown, but, like any good comicbook hero, it’s back with slightly longer hair and slightly different powers.  There are a lot of different franchises that use the Clix system – Lord of the Rings, Street Fighter, and Halo all have collections – HeroCLix focuses specifically on comicbook superheroes from both Marvel and DC as well as characters from independent distributors such as Image and Dark Horse.  Do you like Thor? Superman? Wolverine? Batman? HeroClix has all that and more — way more. There are a staggering number of characters from different continuities with which to build your superhero team.


It might be a TAD bit overwhelming for beginners

Each gaming piece has a miniature figurine on top and a dial wheel on the bottom, which has been labeled the “combat dial system.” This combat dial system includes the character, name, point value, range, experience , speed, attack value, defense value, and damage.  When a gaming piece takes damage the player will click the dial a required number of clicks, which reveals altered stats for that character (for the most part the character’s power weakens the more damage it takes, but some characters abilities increase to show a beserker/rage mode).

Players combine these pieces to create their very own superhero team.  There does seem to a substantial amount of strategy in team creation.  Each piece has an overall point value assigned, and each team has a particular predetermined point total that cannot be exceeded.  This means that you have to make sure you create the best team you can given the point restrictions set for the team.  The more powerful the character, the less room there is for additional teammates.

Once you have your superhero roster filled, it’s time to find a foe to crush. HeroClix uses a standard war-game grid made up of 35mm x 35mm squares. Originally the maps were somewhat generic, but have evolved to include very specific locations pulled directly from the source material (Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit and S.H.I.E.LD’ Hellicarrier are two options).

This HeroClix map is set in the Justice League's Watchtower.

This HeroClix map is set in the Justice League’s Watchtower.

Like I said earlier, I haven’t played HeroClix, so I asked our friend Matt, an occasional Nerdy Guest Contributor for 4LN, what got him into HeroClix:

I started getting into HeroClix after I came across some unboxing and tutorial videos by Glasscabinetfilms on youtube. Shortly thereafter I ordered my first set. It was the Watchmen: Crimebusters Fast Forces set. I was stuck in a weird spot though because I didn’t have a clue where to find people to play with. I had just moved to a new state and didn’t know a soul. Luckily I made a friend at work who was just as interested in learning to play as me. It didn’t hurt that this random town in Arkansas has an awesome comic shop that holds HeroClix events multiple times a month.

The first time I played I expected it to be a lot more complicated than it actually was. While some of the powers CAN be a little confusing, a little research can move things along pretty smoothly. The joy of a character after some patient strategizing is quite satisfying and placing in the monthly tournaments can provide some pretty sweet prizes. Way better than winning packs in Friday Night Magic. Unless you’re into that. Then yay for packs.

Overall, the game does seem rather intriguing. It has managed to merge two intrinsically nerdy genres — war-gaming and superheroes — in a way that is both accessible and collectible. If you want to find out more information watch the introduction video below and try to find a local game to attend (usually at comic shops).  Check back here later for some HeroClix reviews by Matt.

Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.39.10 AM

It’s a great day for Batman and video game fans. Today the first “gameplay” trailer was released for Arkham Knight. I say “gameplay” because it seems like 80% of the trailer is cut scenes, but we’re not complaining. The Unreal 4 engine looks like it’s going full steam in this game, and it honestly looks like one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.36.40 AM

The new suit looks pretty cool

Scarecrow also looks like he is going to be an extremely terrifying boss in this game. For me ,Scarecrow is my absolute favorite comic book villain and I think this game will give him great justice. We also get glimpses of Penguin, Two-Face (who looks awesome!) and the much anticipated Arkham Knight. This game will be available on Playstation 4, X-Box One, and PC, it’s coming soon.

I’m going to be spend my summer playing through the series again, how about you? Leave a comment if you think you know who the Arkham Knight will be!