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Comic Book Review: Batman #33

Book: Batman #33
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Inker: Danny Miki
Summary from comixology: “Zero Year” part 13. It’s been one hell of a year in Gotham City, and it all comes down to this: Batman vs. The Riddler in the extra-sized finale of the Batman early-years epic!”

I have been waiting over a month for this issue to come out. This story arc, Zero Year, has been a hell of a long ride, but it’s finally come to an end. And it was one beautiful ending. This book was edge of your seat, page turning suspense. This is how a Batman book should be. The Dark Knight solving riddles and not caring if he answers “wrong” because he has a backup plan (like always).

The Good:
This book seriously had eveything that I could ask for. This entire story arc has been a learning process for Bruce as the retelling of his origins story. Not only did we see a new side of Bruce/Batman, but also a new version of the Riddler that was a fresh and honest revamp of the character. As I said in the review of issue #32, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo can do no wrong with Batman. If they continued on the book for 10 years, I would never grow tired of them. Capullo’s art is top notch on this book, and really left me speechless and blown away on a few panels. With the conclusion of Zero Year, I think we will see this book added to the other great classics of Batman.
(Also, the cover has Batman holding a broken Riddler Staff while standing in front of two lions, how can you not love that?!?!)


The Bad:
Can I say” not a damn thing?” Yeah, I can, not a damn thing was wrong with this comic book. It was beautiful.

The Final Say:
Go buy this book right now. Go buy the previous 12 issues and read them in one sitting, you won’t be able to put them down. This book gets a 4 out of 4, I wish we used higher numbers so I could give it an even better score. You need to be reading this title, and since today is Batman’s birthday at local comic stores, go buy this book from them, and ask their recommendations for other great Bat-stories. If you picked this book up, let us know what you think in the comments.

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