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Comic Book Review: Justice League United #2

Hawkman - Justice League United

Book: Justice League United
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Mike McKone
Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo
Summary from Comixology: “It’s all out battle as Hawkman has a showdown with Lobo as the League is teleported to Rann to face the shape-changing alien called Byth.”

I’ve heard a few people in my comic shop mention this title, and I’ve also seen a few people on Reddit talking about this book. Everything I’ve read/heard has basically equaled the same thing about this book… that it’s turning into DC’s version of Guardians of the Galaxy. And, you know what? That’s f–king awesome! This book is easily turning into my favorite ongoing series, and we are only three issues in (There has been a 0,1, and 2).


The Good

Jeff Lemire is honestly one of my favorite writers. His run on Animal Man was awesome. Trillium was amazing (just don’t ask Cameron about it). Green Arrow is also amazing (I hear), and Justice League Dark has been a lot of fun. My favorite thing about this issue is the humor that is included between Green Arrow and Animal Man. They remind me of Starsky and Hutch. I would really enjoy a spin off of just Green Arrow and Animal Man it would be the best buddy comic book. (Side note: if the entire issue consisted of Hawkman and Lobo fighting, I STILL wouldn’t have a complaint.)


The Bad

If I was to find something wrong with this book it would require me to be nitpicking. I found it to be really enjoyable. Critiquing comics is hard for me since I love them so much, and this one I honestly couldn’t find anything I disliked about the book. It was a solid read, with beautiful art, and the fight scenes are done very well. This is the first that I have to say that I found nothing wrong with an issue.


The Final Say

If you are looking for a cool space odyssey, then this is the book for you. This has everything you could want: A love story, comedy, action, a good plot, weird aliens and a mean rock monster. You should pick this up! This book gets a solid 4 out of 4. Seriously, it’s only on issue 3 of the story arc and you NEED to be reading this book. If you feel the same way, or maybe you can’t stand this book, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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