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Comic Review: Green Arrow #33


Book: Green Arrow #33
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Marcelo Maiolo: Colorist

Summary from comixology: “As Richard Dragon systematically takes apart Oliver Queen’s world in Seattle, we introduce a new person under Green Arrow’s hood. “Green Arrow: Broken” part 2.”

The main reason that I picked up this new Green Arrow story line was because the covers reminded me so much of the Batman story Broken City by Brain Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, and that story is one of my favorite Batman tales. I am also a really big fan of Jeff Lemire so I have been looking for an excuse to jump on this book. It’s the second issue of a new story arc and it’s pretty enjoyable.

The Good:
As I have said many times before, I’m a major Jeff Lemire fan and I think this book is just another reason why he’s one of the best writers at DC right now. It’s fun seeing characters struggle with real life problems, and that’s exactly what we see in this issue of Green Arrow. We see flashbacks of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) from four years ago struggling with the death of his mother, who passed away from caner. Her death takes a major toll on Oliver and causes him to lose friendships and push people away. The fight scenes are beautifully done, similar to Justice League United, with black, white, and red being the only colors used. The story is great, the fight scenes are beautiful, and the art is interesting.

The Bad:
As I said above, the art is interesting. At times I found this art to be beautiful, and then the next panel I was distracted by the shapes of some of the faces. The faces seem to be different variations of ovals and some of the shading around them makes it difficult to tell where the jaw stop and the next starts. But, besides the confusion of some of the art, the majority of the art is really well done and makes the book very unique compared to the rest of the DC books that are out right now.

The Final Say:
As someone who normally likes Hawkeye more than Green Arrow, I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too. If you are looking for a new book, Green Arrow should be that book. It’s a great story, It’s got a powerhouse team telling it, and it’s not your typical comic book. I’m interested in seeing what happens to Oliver in the coming issues. You should go pick up issue 32 along with this one for a better understanding of what’s going on. But over all this book is a solid 3 out of 4. If you are reading this book or interested in it, let us know what you think in the comments.

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