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Could Indiana Jones be getting the James Bond Treatment?

Latino Review is speculating the Indiana Jones just might be getting a soft reboot a la James Bond.  When Spielberg and Lucas originally created the character they were doing so as sort of an Americanized James Bond film so it’s not really a stretch to picture Disney going in this direction, especially considering Harrison Ford is aging at a normal rate.

According to the Review, there is a start date for Indiana Jones 5 and if the film has not started the process, Disney is ready to recast Jones with a younger actor.  James Bond has been doing this for decades – Daniel Craig is the sixth actor to play the MI6 super-spy.

But who could possibly fill the shoes of Dr. Jones?  The Review says that Bradley Cooper is at the top of the list (and to be fair, Latino Review did say that Cooper was in talks to play Rocket Raccoon and they got that right).



As a huge Indiana Jones fan (I even liked The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) a part of me feels that there is only one Indiana Jones and that is Harrison “I also played Han Solo” Ford.  However, I also really like the whole 1930’s/40’s adventure feel and I would love to see another actors take on the Nazi-fighting archeologist.  I think Bradley Cooper would be a tremendous choice for the role.  He’s got the ruggedness and the charm needed to play Indy, while still being able to bring the seriousness Ford brought to the role (Cooper was great in Silver Linings Playbook).

I know nothing is set in stone and this could completely off-base, but if they were to reboot Indiana Jones and they were able to get Cooper for a new trilogy (because that’s how movies are done now) I would be stoked.

What do you guys think of the rumors?  Do you think Cooper would make a good Indiana Jones or should they try to get another actor?


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  • ummmm. no.

    This has nothing to do with another actor playing the part but has to do with the steady decline in original ideas coming out of Hollywood over the last say 10 years. I understand the market value of a property and character like Indy but i would much rather see new and innovative ideas instead of rehashing old characters because they are too afraid to take a chance in the movie industry. I want to make it clear I am a fan of continuity. I have read comics for much of my life and continued stories are a part of that. I still don’t have to have that in my movies especially when doing so means recasting and trying to bring the franchise back to life.
    Rant Complete 🙂

  • I consider myself a huge Indiana Jones fan and I’ve thought about how I would feel about a reboot before. I too liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the idea of Bradley Cooper playing Indiana Jones makes me so excited. If they could get some great writers together and get Spielberg in on it somehow (maybe not give him huge amounts of power) I think it could be great. I’d love to see practical effects too. I think the original trilogy definitely had a “dusty” feel and that if they could capture that in any new film it would be fantastic.

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