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Evan’s to Leave Acting After Hanging Up His Shield

After his current stint as Captain America is up, Chris Evans plans to move on from acting.  Evans is currently under contract to suit up as Captain America for three more films (Captain America 3 as well as the Avengers sequels).

In an interview with Variety, Evans said that he would like to focus almost entirely on directing.  “I’ve known for a while I wanted to direct,” Evans says. “But (time) never really opens up. There’s another movie to do, there’s another acting job. It just got to a point where I was like, you know what — I have to do this.”


During his winter unassembled from the Avengers, Evans made his directorial with a love story titled “1:30 Train,” which follows a young woman (played by Alice Eve) who missed her train home and spends the night talking with a street musician (Evans).  He is currently editing the rough cut.

As far as other films go, Evans told Variety, “If I’m acting at all, it’s going to be under Marvel contract, or I’m going to be directing,” he says. “I can’t see myself pursuing acting strictly outside of what I’m contractually obligated to do.”

Evans does say that nothing is set in stone.  “For all I know, in five years, I might say, ‘Shit, I miss acting.’ Right now, I just want to get behind the camera and make movies.”

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