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From The Nerdery: Comic Book Covers, Superhero Video Games, and Breaking the mold… Badly.

For our nerd of the week we’ve chosen Pete Holmes. Pete is a stand-up comedian that you may recognize from some brilliant sketches with College Humor. He’s got a brand new show called “the Pete Holmes Show” premiering after Conan on 10/28, on TBS. We’ve chosen Pete as our Nerd of the Week because of these two, absolutely hilarious, videos…


Sometimes you have to poke fun at things you love…

On to the Nerdery…!


Stan – What’s your favorite comic book cover?

Man, what’s my favorite comic book cover? That is a really hard question. There is so man to pick from, there is no way I can break it down to just one book, so I am going to go with three different books. Yeah, I know that seems like a bit much but I don’t know what else to do. So for my first one, it’s an old X-Men book, Uncanny X-Men 141. Yeah it’s been done so much and it’s so cliché, but that’s what makes it special to me. It’s one that just pops out into my mind; the other is another X-Men comic, Uncanny X-Men 136. I love the bright colors and everything that’s going on in the background.

Scott holding Jean in his arms and Xavier hanging his head in disbelief in the background, it’s just got a lot of emotions on it. The finale book is a Green Lantern #23. I think its f—king hilarious! It’s called “Threat of The Tattooed Man” for crying out loud! As a man with tattoos, this is amazing. I always enjoy being portrayed in a negative light for my ink! – Bill


That is a tough question… I’d have to say “The Death of Superman”.

I remember buying the book as a kid and I felt sadness like I hadn’t before. Seeing Lois hold Superman’s body with blood dripping everywhere messed me up. I went most of my life without losing a close family member or friend and looking at this cover made me terrified. Death wasn’t even on my radar until the moment I picked up that book. I thought, “If Superman can die, then I can die too…” I instantly became terrified of dying. That cover had a very lasting effect on me and will always be one of my favorites. – Stephen


I love the cover of Thor: God of Thunder #12.

I love the mythology of Thor, and there is just something epic about his return to Earth. Overall the picture is pretty simple – Thor and buildings, but the artwork is beautiful. The artist does a good job of blending modern times with a mythological epic, which is really what Thor is all about. Well done, sir. – Cam


 Lee – “Batman: Arkham Origins” is coming out today. With that in mind, what is your favorite comic book video game?

There is only one answer for best comic book related video game. Arkham Asylum. I don’t feel like I need to even debate why Asylum is the best in the video game world. But I’m a nerd so I like to argue about nothing of importance. I loved the story so much behind Asylum and I loved the riddles. It was all so new and exciting; I had never played a game like that. And Scarecrow was absolutely terrifying in that game. I loved unzipping my dead parents and having Scarecrow pop out. Arkham is the game that started everything for the Batman Extended Game Universe. I think it really helped DC feel more comfortable with a video game franchise. I think with the awesome-ness of Arkham Asylum it gave DC a better feeling to green light Lego Batman 2, Arkham City, Injustice, Arkham Origins and even DC Universe Online. So, thank you Arkham Asylum for being one of my favorite video games of all time, and my absolute favorite comic book game. –Bill

What Bill said (minus the whole unzipping dead parents’ thing) because I am not a sociopath… – Cam

I’m going to go with Arkham City. And while I can’t really do the game justice by trying to explain in words how amazing it is, I will say that one of the main reasons I love it so much is because of how they humanize Mr. Freeze better than he’s ever been portrayed. They did a great job of conveying that he’s just a man, in a shitty situation, trying to save the love of his life. He doesn’t have some grand, elaborate plan of world-domination. He just wants to cure his wife of an illness and bring her back because he misses her. He’s not propelled by greed, or madness, or anarchy, he’s propelled by love. Very few video games can capture something that powerful. Also, Catwoman was hot. – Stephen


Nathan – Now that Breaking Bad has set the mold on how a TV show arc should run, what current show with more than 10 years running would you like to see the main character go down in a blaze of glory, and how would it happen?

Man… this was a really tough question for me, simply because there aren’t that many shows on television with the same cast, at least live people that is. I thought about CSI and really it would make sense for someone on that show to lose it and turn against their coworkers in some maniacal way, but I felt that was a lazy answer. I’m going to have to say The Simpson’s. The great thing about cartoons is that they can go anywhere and it won’t really surprise the viewer, but with being such a comical style show it would be very crazy for it end on dark/sad note. How would it end though? Following the Breaking Bad method, there is a definite end for Walt. Even though no one knew how he would die, we all knew it was coming. Who’s the favorite though in the Simpson’s; the whole family. If I had to imagine how the whole family would go down in a blaze of glory it’d be this…

The last season would follow the Simpson’s as they try and survive the apocalypse. Being that they are a resilient bunch (remember the Simpson’s arcade?) they would do whatever they needed to survive. Ultimately starvation would be their end, and the final scene would be with them sitting on the couch one last time. A little macabre, but hey, you asked. – Cody


That question is the hardest one I’ve ever had to think about on here. I mean, I was trying to think of a show with that much history that would make sense to end so intensely and I’ve had a hard time. I thought about something like Law & Order: SVU or CSI, but those shows have had such a rotating cast that it’s hard to really be invested in any of the characters the way we were captivated by Walter White. I suppose I’ll have to cheat and say Mad Men. I know it doesn’t have a decade of history behind it, but it’s justifiably demanded our attention since it premiered in 2007.

As up and down as Don Draper’s moods have been, it’s hard to not root for the guy on some level. You can tell that he feels, deeply, but he drowns his regrets in excess living. He wants to be a good person, and I believe that he thinks he is, but he’s clearly divided inside between what he believes he’s supposed to be and what he believes people have to see him as. Watching him slowly die from lung cancer or liver failure on his deathbed, with tears in his eyes, lamenting his mistakes and failures to his daughter would wreck me, but would make so much sense. Seeing the tough, proud father, husband, and boss crumble beneath the weight of what he did with his life and finally seeing him broken would be a very sad, but very fitting close to the show. Watching Walter White die was hard, but watching Don Draper die would hurt. – Stephen

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