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From the Nerdery (Mailbag): Comic Book Crushes, Caped Catholicism, and the Ultimate Nerd War

This weeks nerd of the week are the awesome people behind this fan-made Wonder Woman trailer.  Check it out! It’s awesome.


On to the mailbag!

Name: Laura
Question #1: Who is your comic book crush? I know everybody has got one!

Bill — Ok! My kinda question! Where on earth to begin? Well for starters I am one hell of a picky man. I have only dated redheads. So by that standard it’s obvious Jean Grey is my comic book love. Except in the movies, she was WAY to manly. So, that’s my crush for the Marvel world.

Now for the DC universe, once again it’s a redhead. I got go with Poison Ivy. Maybe it’s the lack of clothes and green skin, but I can’t help but think “damn…” That’s not weird right? Well, screw you, What ever.

(Honorable mention goes to Kitty Pryde. Yeah yeah yeah, I know she’s not a redhead so that’s why she gets the HONORABLE mention. Bobby Drake is one lucky fellow.)

Cam — I honestly don’t have a longstanding comic book crush (I grew up liking Batman, and he was too busy brooding), so like a crafty politician I will subtly broaden the subject. Now that the subject has been broadened I will have to go with Natalie Portman for two reasons: 1. She was Padme’ in Star Wars. You can hate on those movies all you want, but in 1999 I was 11, and I was obsessed with all things Star Wars. That means during my formative years when I began to realize that girls are awesome, Portman was right there in the middle of my obsession (although Ep. II is probably my least favorite, she is definitely hottest in that movie). 2. She also happens to be Jane Foster, the love interest of Thor (can’t WAIT), who is currently a close second to my favorite superhero, Superman. So not only was she right their with me from 11-17, she is also in the movie I am most excited about right now.

Cody — Much to the surprise of my wife, Poison Ivy is my comic book crush. There is just something about her that is extremely attractive to me. I don’t think she’s overly sexual like Cat Woman, but I imagine she’d be very sexy in real life.

Robbie — Mary Jane Watson is my comic book crush. Sure I’m partial to all things Spider-man, but Mary Jane has this charming girl next door thing going on. She’s also supportive in most cases of Peter and his secret identity, which is a plus. In a comic book world of Wonder Womans, Jean Greys and Black Widows, some realism is nice in a female comic book character.

Stephen — When I was younger, I would have definitely said Rouge; Mostly because of the X-Men cartoon. That accent really did it for me, and there’s something really exciting about a tough woman who can kick a dude’s ass. For that reason, I’m going to say that my new crush is Hit-Girl.

Bill: That’s f—ed up dude.

Stephen: What? Why? She’s 18 isn’t she?

Bill: No dude, she’s 16.

Stephen: Well… dammit.


Name: Jackie

Question #2: Who do you think would win in a fight, The Hulk or Wolverine? My money is
on Wolverine, he’s got a healing factor and his only weakness is that he’ll drown in
water, I think?

Ah… the age old question. Wise men have pondered for many years. First off, I’ll clarify that Wolverine can come back from drowning. In the “AvX: What If” books, somebody tried to trap him underwater and when Namor got him he just revived. The idea is that the only way you could stop Wolverine is by separating his head from his body, but depending on the nature of regeneration it’s possible that his head would just grow right back. It may take awhile, but it’s possible. If anyone could snap his adamantium –clad spine and twist his furry head off, it’s Hulk. But Hulk isn’t without his weaknesses either… As soon as he calms down he’s turning right back into weak, frail Bruce Banner and Wolvie could run him through. The question then becomes, how fast can Banner turn into Hulk? In the Avengers, Bruce makes this statement, “I got low. I didn’t see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth… and the other guy spit it out.” Obviously he can Hulk-out faster than a speeding bullet, so he can probably Hulk-out faster than a speeding clawed-Canadian. If I HAVE to choose who would win this fight… I’m going to say Hulk. Not because I like him better or anything, I just think there are ways of permanently containing Wolverine, and “Hulk is the strongest there is.” — Stephen

Name: Nathan

Question #3: Are there any super heroes who are outspokenly religious?

Many mainstream comic book characters have some sort of religious attribute about them; whether it’s Nightcrawler’s, non-secretive, devout Catholic beliefs or Captain America stating that “there’s only one god”. The thing you have to understand about mainstream comics though, is that they have “gods” so religion is a very circumstantial thing in this medium. Thor and the hierarchy of the Asgardians are considered to be “gods” in some respects. Hell, even GOD, a monotheistic deity, exists is some comics. More recently in their New 52 DC introduced a Muslim Green Lantern named Simon Baz. The character has been effective in allowing comics to address the challenges that face Muslim-Americans today, though you could argue that the overtones are more political than religious.

Are any superheroes OUTSPOKENLY religious? Not really. Stan Lee once said that he purposely avoided writing overtly religious characters, and regarding his approach to the issue of religion and comics he said, “I thought of myself as an ‘equal opportunity writer,’”. — Stephen


Name: Paige

Question #4: Which do you like more Star Wars or Star Trek?

Cam — I am obviously going to go with Star Wars, but I think both are great. Star Wars is more of a fantasy/mythical tale, while Star Trek is more scientifically feasible (especially in the Next Generation), and the fantasy/mythical aspects just resonate more with me. I love epic stories more than I like probable sci-fi (it’s probably the reason I got a degree in philosophy and not science or mathematics). Star Wars is absolutely steeped in lore and myth. Is it realistic? Not at all, and I love it. It’s fantasy in the future. What’s not to love?

Cody — Because we HAVE to pick a side, I’m going to say Star Wars. I didn’t watch them in order originally, because we borrowed whatever was available, but I distinctly remember looking at the VHS sleeve of Return of the Jedi and just think how cool Luke looked on it. It was by far my favorite of the original trilogy. It’s a sentimental thing here. Though I have a great love of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We used to stay up late and watch it with my dad when I was eight.

Robbie — I’m going Star Wars on this for a multitude of reasons. I will say though, I respect what the old Star Trek shows/movies stood for. I love the new Star Trek movies and believe they should create a premium television series on the scale of Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Imagine throwing an insane budget at every episode with JJ Abrams directing/producing.

Stephen — Star Wars. Boba Fett. Nothing else matters.

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