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From The Nerdery: Villains, Rivalries and iOS7

Well, it is that time again!  We will dive right in!


Scott Asks: Who are your favorite villains? And what do you think makes them special?

Stephen – I’ve always like the villains with god-like design. When I was younger, Apocalypse was definitely my favorite villain. I used to be super into the X-Men and the idea of this eternal, immortal being that can change his size, regenerate from wounds, and wreck stuff with his mind-powers was just awesome. I mean, that dude just oozes I’ll-murder-your-pet-hamster-and-break-your-science-project-then-I’ll-make-your-parents-get-a-divorce-and-I’ll-marry-your-mom-and-be-your-new-step-dad-and-I’ll-buy-root-beer-and-drink-it-in-front-of-you-but-I-won’t-let-you-have-any. He’s THAT cruel. But now, I think I’m gonna go with Galactus. I like gray areas and and Galactus is a giant, world devouring gray area. He’s a villain, but not really. He consumes entire planets to sustain his life. It’s not like he’s doing it out of some vile thirst for world domination. He has to. It’s how he continues to live. It’s survival really. And there’s no “stopping” him. Sure, he can be weakened and slowed down, but the best that you can hope for is distracting him long enough to get him focused on a Jupiter-sized bean burrito, thus ensuring the preservation of your species for the time being.

Cam – I have a hard time naming a favorite villain. I am the kind of guy who creates an alternate save game for Mass Effect to play through as Renegade, then halfway through do everything I can to move towards Paragon. This is the same reason I am one of the few people that can’t really get into Breaking Bad. If I had to name one though, I would have to go with Darth Vader. Especially with the inclusion of the Prequel Trilogy (I know they aren’t great, but they do put some interesting twists on the overarching plotline). When it was just the Original Trilogy the story was ultimately about Luke Skywalker’s transition from farmboy to hero. When the prequels were released the story shifted from that to the fall and redemption of Anakin. I think that adds some depth to the character. He becomes more than just this dark antagonist. Are there plot holes? Absolutely. But ultimately when he turns away from the Dark Side to save his son, and overthrows (literally) the man who manipulated him into ruining his life, it carries more weight than before. Now, I don’t think it makes up for all of the terrible things he did, but it does lend itself to an interesting discussion. That change from dark to light though is what attracts me to the character.

Robbie – Currently I think my favorite villain is Walter White. I recently just started watching Breaking Bad from the beginning so it has been a rollercoaster to see Walt’s character evolve into what it is now. It’s just crazy to see how good motives can turn in to greed and other things.


Nathan asks: What duo is the best rivalry in comics, tv, or movies, and why

Cam – This is a great question. I am going to have to go with the Batman vs. the Joker. They are the antithesis of each other. They each are subject to some serious psychological issues, but land on completely opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to how it’s expressed. Batman strives for order, Joker strives for chaos. The existence of the one almost necessitates the existence of the other, and this is addressed in several different iterations of the story. In the Dark Knight, the Joker tells Batman “I don’t wanna kill you, what would I do without you? Go back to rippin’ off mob dealers? No, no, no… no you, you complete me.” Batman refuses to kill, and it seems like the Joker’s entire plan (not that he has a master plan) is to get Batman to break his rule. He wants justice and order to devolve into chaos, while Batman wants to pull Gotham out of chaos into order.   I’ll leave you with this quote — “You… you just couldn’t let me go could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You are truly incorruptible aren’t you. You won’t kill me because of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness. And I won’t kill you because…you’re just too much fun. I get the feeling that you and I are destined to do this forever.”

Stephen: I’m gonna go with Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. I know that these are characters originated in literature and not necessarily from “nerd culture”, but literature is the original “geek culture”, right?! Anyway, I love that Sherlock and Moriarty are exactly alike and completely different. They are both brilliantly minded individuals on opposite ends of good and bad. You could even argue that the more current interpretations of Batman and the Joker are very much like Sherlock and Moriarty. The difference though is that Moriarty isn’t really insane, or crazy. He’s not the kind of person that just wants “to watch the world burn”. He has selfish pursuits and intentions, but his desire for power and control, while immoral, is pure. At the other end of that spectrum, Sherlock doesn’t desire to take power or control at all. He knows that his intellect IS power and that by using it he controls what he needs to. They both believe that they’re the end all, be all when it comes to intelligence, but for Moriarty, that isn’t enough, and for Sherlock, it’s everything.


Marie asks: What are some of the best and and worst features of the iOS7?

Robbie – My favorite feature of iOS7 is small but is already making things 10 times easier, that would be the control center. I love having the access to control brightness, volume and track selection as well as options for Wifi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode too. The addition of quick buttons for a flashlight and calculator are pretty awesome too.

My least favorite feature of iOS7 is the amount of trouble I had installing it. I spent an hour downloading it, then tried to install it for 30 minutes. My phone bricked itself during the installation. It basically became a paperweight. I was able to restore it through iTunes, but lost everything in the process. I somehow miraculously had a backup from March on my computer that I was able to use, so I didn’t lose everything in the end. As a designer, I do hate some of the new app icons. I get that Apple does simple and minimalistic, but designers are starting to take it too far with that. I like the flatness of the interface, but I think it may be too flat. There are a couple of other small bugs, but Apple is releasing a 7.0.1 update in the next day or two to fix those.

Overall, I love iOS7 and totally recommend installing it. Make sure you do an iCloud or iTunes backup beforehand though! Check back tomorrow for my full review on iOS7!

Stephen – Just as a, hopefully helpful, side note: I’ve noticed a lot of people that don’t have enough space on their phones to download the iOS7. My recommendation is this: Amazon has a Cloud Drive app on the App Store where you can upload up to 5.0 GB’s of pictures. All you have to do is download that app and upload your pictures to it, then you can delete them from your Camera Roll. Yes, this does require already having, or creating, an Amazon account, but it’s very helpful in keeping you pictures accessible without them taking up too much space on your phone.

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