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From “The Office” to “Spider-Man 2”!

It’s your favorite temp, turned coke-head executive, turned temp again! That’s right folks, none other than Ryan Howard himself! B.J. Novak has been revealed to be playing “A. Smythe”, or Alistair Smythe for those acquainted with the Spider-Man comics and cartoons.

ASM2  Director, Marc Webb, revealed this pic via his Twitter.


If you’re like me and grew up with the Spider-Man cartoon, you’ll remember Alistair Smythe like this…


For those not familiar with the character, Alistair’s father Spencer Smythe created the first-generation of robotic Spider-Slayers but eventually died due to overexposure to radioactive materials that went into creating the Slayers. Alistair inherited the business, so to speak, and developed a pretty strong hatred of Spidey (sons of dead fathers seem to really hate the Wall-Crawler). Alistair created himself a type of suit that allowed him walk (he was previously confined to a wheelchair) and also gave him super-strength and he used it to fight Spider-Man. Surprise Surprise though… he was defeated.

It also gave some wicked all-natural 80’s shoulder pads…


Other than the devastating loss of that sweet mullet, this is a pretty good casting fit in my opinion. I mean, Alistair was always kind of a smug-ish smarty pants, and Novak can TOTALLY pull that off. I will say, that pic makes him look a little more menacing than he was prior to his “transformation”. He was more of a sad-sack, nobody-came-to-my-pity-party kind of guy. You know the kind of dude I mean…

I’m down with this. The only other thing about this flick that was exciting me for a while there was Dane DeHaan as Harry Osbourn/Green Goblin. Now there’s this.

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