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Game of Thrones Season 7 Obituaries

It’s time to take a look back at the characters we lost this season on Game of Thrones. Though Season 7’s list is much shorter than last season (when I needed a part one and part two), GoT still delivered with semi-major and major characters losing their lives almost every episode.

So lets take a look back at those characters who passed on during Season 7.


Obara and Nymeria Sand

When: Episode 2 (Stormborn)

How: Killed with their own weapons by Euron Greyjoy.

The Sand Snakes were the worst adaption of book characters the show has ever done. So the decision to limit the trio to just three scenes for season 6 and 7 combined was applauded by me.

The most valuable thing the first two Sand Snakes did was give Euron Greyjoy his first two kills. Euron used Obara’s own spear to kill her, while Nymeria was choked with her own whip.

Tyene Sand

When: Episode 3 (The Queen’s Justice)

How: Poisoned by Cersei

The Sand Snakes were largely a waste of time and space on Game of Thrones. But at least the show gave the third and final Sand Snake a poetic death (Tyene also was killed with her chosen weapon, poison). Cersei kissed Tyene using the same poison Ellaria used to kill Myrcella at the end of season 5.

And no, we did not see Tyene’s final breath. But I think it’s safe to assume the next time we see the youngest Sand Snake (if we see her at all) she will be a corpse.

Olenna Tyrell


When: Episode 3 (The Queen’s Justice)

How: Poison given by Jamie Lannister

The Queen of Thorns is in at least the Top 5 list of most beloved characters. Dianna Rigg stole every scene as the matriarch of House Tyrell and never wasted a single line.

Lady Olenna even found a way to still her final scene: a scene that should have given the victorious Jamie Lannister a chance to gloat.

But instead, it was Jamie who walked away fuming after the Queen of Thorns, in her final words, told him she was the one who had Joffrey poisoned.

“I want her (Cersei) to know it was me.”

Randyl and Dickon Tarly

When: Episode 5 (Eastwatch)

How: Burned to death by Dragonfire after refusing to bend the knee to Daenarys.

The show did very little develop either Sam’s father or brother. But it didn’t seem necessary with Randyll.

He was a tough, loyal, military minded man, and it made sense that he would choose death over serving a foreign invader.

But I felt like more could have been done with Dickon. The show was just introducing us to him when he made the ill-advised choice of not bending the knee to Daenarys. As a result, Dickon joined his father in dying by dragon fire.

Thoros of Myr

When: Episode 6 (Beyond the Wall)

How: Wounds Suffered Fighting an Ice Bear

It was hard to feel much impact for a character that went almost three seasons between appearances. He was the man who kept bringing Beric Dondarion back to life. And has a charter member of the Brotherhood without Banners, the hard drinking priest was the one sacrificed on the mission Jon led to capture a member of the Army of the Dead.


When: Episode 6 (Beyond the Wall)

How: Spear from the Night’s King

The show didn’t identify which dragon it was until later, but it’s ironic that the one named after Dany’s awful brother Viserys was the one who will now be fighting for the Night’s King.

We didn’t really get to know Dany’s other two dragons (she rides Drogon, the other two just followed along). But it was sad to see Daeanarys lose one of her children. And even worse, that child will now be fighting for the Night King.

Benjen Stark (Cold Hands)

When: Episode 6 (Beyond the Wall)

How: Fighting Off Wights so Jon Could Escape

It was easy to forget Benjen, Ned Stark’s younger brother. who disappeared on a ranging mission for the Night’s Watch. He vanished early in Season 1 and did not appear again until later into season 6 when he aided Bran and Meera in getting back to the Wall.

That form beyond the Wall, also known as “Cold Hands,” was a half wight, half human who could only live beyond the Wall but had no interest in helping the Night King.

Benjen’s final act was sending Jon away to safety on a horse while “Cold Hands” fought bravely to his death holding off the Army of the Dead.

Petyr Baelish (Lord Littlefinger)

When: Episode 7 (The Dragon and the Wolf)

How: Sentenced to Death by Sansa for Murder and Treason, then Slashed in the throat by Arya Stark

The conniving ways of creepy Uncle Littlefinger finally caught up to him this season. The man who was the secret (at least to the characters of the show they were secrets) mastermind behind Jon Arryn’s death, the War of Five Kings, Joffrey’s murder, and Lysa Arryn’s murder was outdone by his chosen protégé.

What cruel irony it was when Sansa, the girl Littlefinger was using to put himself on the Iron Throne, used her “mentor’s” own tactics to defeat him.

Be on the lookout Friday for a top 10 list of Game of Throne’s greatest episodes through the past seven seasons. See you then.


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