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Game of Thrones Season Six Obituaries: Part 2

Time for part 2, featuring the final three episodes and featuring 18 deaths, including 11 alone from the season finale. Let’s start with a great warrior who went out like one, though we are just going to have to take the show’s word on that.

Brynden “Blackfish” Tully

When: Episode 8; No One

How: Fighting His Capture in The Riverlands (off screen)

Obits Blackfish

The “Blackfish” was Catelyn Stark’s uncle who served as an important military advisor for Robb Stark in Season Three. If not for a well timed piss, he would’ve met his end at the Red Wedding. Instead, he escaped, reemerging this season to take back Riverrun from the Freys, forcing Jamie Lannister to intervene.

I was surprised the show kept him alive only to bring him back for just those two episodes. But his commanding presence this season was a favorite among fans for his firmness in holding the Tully castle. A threat to the son of Edmure Tully inspired Catelyn’s brother to take back the seat that was his by rights, forcing the Blackfish to choose between becoming a captive or fight. He chose fight and fought to his death (at least that’s what we were told).

Obits Blackfish 2

The Blackfish helps Brienne and Pod escape before running to his death.

Lady Crane

When: Episode 8; No One

How: Killed by the Waif on her search to find Arya

Obits Lady Crane

Lady Crane was an actress in the Braavosi version of Game of Thrones. While her performance playing Cersei Lannister was universally (well within the Braavosi universe) praised, it did draw the ire of a younger cast mate who wanted her dead and hired the Faceless Men to do the job.But Arya’s convictions that Lady Crane did not deserve to die were enough to spare the actress, leading Arya to abandon the Faceless Men.

Unfortunately, it may have been Lady Crane’s good nature that lead to her death. While caring for Arya’s massive chest wounds (still not certain what miracle medicine she used to heel those cuts), the Waif showed up and killed Lady Crane before setting her sights on Arya.

Obits Crane's death

Lady Crane, after the Waif brutally murders her.

The Waif

When: Episode 8; No One

How: Killed in the dark by Arya Stark

Obits the Waif

The Waif was an assassin for the Faceless Men who never cared for Arya and the “special treatment” she received from Jaqen. Though she worked diligently to help train Arya, the Waif took great pleasure in any punishment she got to dish out out in those training sessions. And it was the Waif who so gleefully took on the task of ending Arya’s life when she decided to bail on the Faceless Men.

But it was that training that, ironically, proved to be the downfall of the Waif. She taught Arya how to fight blind at the beginning of season six. And Arya turned out the lights in their final confrontation and put the Waif’s face up on the wall in the House of Black and White.

Obits The Waif's face

The Waif’s face, delivered by Arya of House Stark, adorning the walls of the House of Black and White.

Rickon Stark

When: Episode 9; Battle of the Bastards

How: Shot With An Arrow By Ramsey While Running Across the Battlefield

Obits Rickon Stark

The youngest Stark has the distinction of being the member of the family whose death drew the smallest reaction from fans. That’s what happens when a character appears little and says less, including not even uttering a line in his final season.

Rickon was in Winterfell his first two seasons, bored out of his mind in season 2 as Bran played the part of Lord of Winterfell before Theon’s invasion. He then left in the middle of the night with his brother, the Reeds, Hodor, and Osha seeking safety throughout season 3.

But it was the decision of his older brother that doomed Rickon. Bran sent Rickon and Osha to the Umbers thinking of them as loyal bannermen who would protect a Stark heir. Instead, the Smalljon Umber turned them in to Ramsey while declaring his allegiance to House Bolton this season. The least significant Stark met his end as the last of Ramsey’s pawns in one of the Bolton bastard’s many games.

Obits Rickons death

Rickon takes the arrow while running towards Jon Snow.

Smalljon Umber

When: Episode 9; Battle of the Bastards

How: Killed While Fighting Tormund Giantsbane

Obits Smalljon Umber

The Smalljon was the complete opposite of his father, the Greatjon. The elder Umber was Robb’s staunchest supporter in season one. But Jon’s decision to allow Wildlings into Winterfell meant the new head of House Umber (because his father died somewhere off screen) was ready to join up with Ramsey in the Battle of the Bastards.

The Smalljon is most notable for turning Rickon in to Ramsey and chopping off the head of the youngest Stark’s direwolf. He met his end in the battle in close quarters combat when Tormund took a bite out of the Smalljon’s neck and finished the Umber off from there.

Wun Wun

When: Episode 9; Battle of the Bastards

How: Taking Multiple Arrows While Knocking Down the Gates of Winterfell

Episode 9 Wun Wun

The last remaining of his race, Wun Wun was a Wildling who joined up with Jon Snow with the rest of the remaining Wildlings in Season 5. No character (maybe other than Frankenmountain) produced more humorous deaths than the giant from beyond the wall. Wun Wun died fighting valiantly, breaking down the gate at Winterfell so Jon and his men could take back the castle for House Stark.

Episode 9 Wun Wun dying

Wun taking many arrows from Bolton men as he opens the way for Jon to retake Winterfell.

Ramsey Bolton

When: Episode 9; Battle of the Bastards

How: Eaten by the Very Hounds He Used to Kill Others

Obits Ramsey

In a show filled with shades of grey that asks you the viewer to decide who you like and who you don’t, Ramsey was one of the few true villains. Along with Joffrey, Ramsey was a character hated by most viewers (yes there are a few sick Ramsey fans out there). And no other death was as appropriate on the show than Ramsey becoming Kibbles and Bits.

When we first met the Bolton Bastard, we didn’t know his name. He was just Theon’s torturer who cut off the Greyjoy’s man parts, making him Reek. But he revealed himself as Ramsey Snow, the bastard of Roose Bolton at the end of season three. He earned the surname Bolton with his actions in season four, securing the North from the remaining Greyjoy invaders. He also defeated a weakened Stannis force at the end of season five, a year where he married Sansa and tortured her as bad as Theon.

But season six took the Bolton bastard to a new level. He killed his father and fed his stepmom and stepbrother to his hounds. With the Stark forces approaching, Ramsey built up a force that outnumbered Jon’s troops by a significant number. But the appearance of the Knights of the Vale spelled doom for Ramsey and his hold on Winterfell.

And it was Ramsey’s tortured bride who released his hungry hounds on a helpless Ramsey that brought his ironic end.

Obits Ramsey Death

Ramsey’s hound sniffing his next meal.

Grand Maester Pycelle

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Stabbed by the “Little Birds” Under Qyburn’s Direction

Obits Pycelle


The creepy old maester served the king’s of King’s Landing all the way back to the Mad King. I’m not sure how Pycelle managed to stay living for six seasons when so many other major players met their end. But the irony of Pycelle was a man who survived Aerys, Robert Baratheon, Joffrey, and numerous other major players, met his end at the hands of orphaned children.

Always a loyal Lannister man, Pycelle was Cersei’s informant during season one. He had his beard cut off and was thrown in a cell by Tyrion when he proved he couldn’t be trusted is season two. But he stayed loyal to Joffrey and then Tommen, despite his issues with Cersei that grew in Season 4. Those issues would lead to his end as the Grand Maester finally chose the wrong side.

Obits Pycelle's death.

Pycelle surrounded by “Little Birds” as Qyburn looks on.

Lancel Lannister

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Explosion of Wildfire in the Holy Sept

Obits Lancel

Lancel was a commonly used pawn throughout the first two seasons and last two seasons of Game of Thrones. He was abused by Robert Baratheon, used by Cersei to kill the king, used by Tyrion to spy on Cersei, and used by Cersei in more adult ways when Jamie was away.

But season five brought a change to Lancel as he became a sparrow and member of the faith militant. He served the High Sparrow until his dying breath. He also nearly became a hero as he, despite a significant stab wound, almost blew out a candle that lit the Wildfire that consumed the Holy Sept. But because he failed, we have these next five entries.

Obits Lancel Wildfire

Lancel eyes the Wildfire before it engulfs the entire Holy Sept.

 Mace Tyrell

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Explosion of Wildfire in the Holy Sept

Obits Mace

Lord Oaf was the blustering head of House Tyrell who somehow didn’t pass any of his lack of intelligence on to his children. He was merely mentioned in the first three seasons, appearing for the first time in season four. Mace was in the background of some very important events, including Joffrey’s Wedding, Tryion’s Trial, and the trial by combat between the Red Viper and the Mountain. He served on the king’s small council the last two seasons on the show, but never really seemed to understand what was going on. His most notable quest was a diplomatic mission he was sent on to discuss the crown’s debt with the Iron Bank of Braavos. But even on that important mission, his story was secondary to Arya’s killing of Ser Meryn Trant.

Kevan Lannister

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Explosion of Wildfire in the Holy Sept

Obits Kevan Lannister

The brother of Tywin Lannister was a key advisor on the battlefield to Lord Tywin during the first two seasons. But he vanished from the narrative the next two while Tywin was hand of the king.

Kevan reemerged in Season Five, when he started feuding with Cersei.  He refused her offer to be a Hand of the King only to accept the position while Cersei was locked up in the Holy Sept. The show kept the influence of his role fairly silent right up until the end, when he was one of many who lost their lives in the explosion of the Holy Sept.

Loras Tyrell

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Explosion of Wildfire in the Holy Sept

Obits Loras Landscape


Margaery’s brother first appeared in season one as one of the top jousters in the “Tourney for the Hand.” Loras knew all a knight’s proper etiquette.  But that was all on the surface.

In private, Loras was Renly Baratheon’s lover. He supported Renly’s claim to the Iron Throne, but went along with his family’s uneasy alliance with the Lannisters after Renly died. Though many potential suitors were presented to the Lannister heir, he continued his relationships with other men.  But when one of the those relationships was discovered, the newly armed faith militant seized him and threw him in a cell under the Holy Sept.

Though we never saw it on camera, it was greatly implied that Loras was abused in the Sept in order to get a confession. And the rough interrogation methods worked, as Loras confessed to all his crimes and vowed to fight for the faith the rest of his life. But as we know, that vow did not last very long.

The High Sparrow

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Explosion of Wildfire in the Holy Sept

 Obits High Sparrow

The High Sparrow rose to power in King’s Landing thanks to a peasant class bitter with noble rule and the rearming of the Faith Militant by Cersei. Firm in his beliefs, the High Sparrow was as likely to bring a queen to trial as he was a lowly prostitute. He believed everyone should be brought before the gods and be held accountable for the things they’d done.

He held Loras and Margaery in their cells before doing the same to Cersei. He only allowed Cersei out when she completed a naked “Walk of Shame” through the streets of King’s Landing. Believing his force had become too powerful to stop, the High Sparrow pushed forward for religious trials of powerful figures and ignored the king’s commands until he convinced the king to join his side.

But the Sparrow’s pride and absolute  belief in what he was doing were his downfall  when he insisted on staying in the Holy Sept despite the overwhelming evidence (and dire warnings from Margaery) that Cersei had a dastardly plan for everybody in there.

Obits High Sparrow Death

The moment you realize you are about to be consumed by Wildfire.

Margaery Tyrell

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Explosion of Wildfire in the Holy Sept

Obits Margaery

The beautiful daughter of Highgarden had a strong mind for the Game of Thrones from the first time we saw her in season two. She was married to the very “not into women at all” Renly Baratheon before moving into another marriage alliance with Joffrey Baratheon.

Unlike Sansa, who cowered in fear at Joffrey’s presence, Margaery took a guiding hand  in encouraging Joffrey on how to be a king. But we’ll never know how much Cersei’s oldest son would’ve changed with Margaery’s influence as he was poisoned at their wedding. Margaery was undeterred as she married Tommen and used her “feminine persuasion” to turn Tommen against his mother.

Even when Margaery was thrown in a cell because of charges perjury by the High Sparrow, she maintained her resolve, working out a deal to get herself out of the Holy Sept. And while it was clear there was more to her plan than that, we will never know the end game as she perished in that large green explosion. But even before she died, Margaery was the one in that room with a clear head, recognizing quickly the danger everyone was in.

Obits Cover maybe

Loras and Margaery the moment before the Holy Sept exploded.

Tommen Baratheon

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Committed Suicide, Jumping Out a Window in the Red Keep

Obits Tommen

Tommen was way too young and good natured to be king. But maybe if he had a wise advisor like his grandfather to manage his reign, things could’ve been different for the youngest Lannis…I mean Baratheon.

But Tywin died shortly after Tommen’s reign. And the advice Lord Tywin gave his grandson (“A good king listens to his advisor.”) meant Tommen did nothing but “listen” instead of ruling. He listened to Cersei, Margaery, Pycelle, Uncle Kevan, and most importantly in the end, the High Sparrow.

Tommen’s decisions to side with the High Sparrow and to end Trial by Combat moved Cersei to blowing up the Holy Sept with everyone Tommen held dear. And the young king, whether it’s be because he was unable to deal with the pressures of being king, unable to process the loss of everyone he cared about in that Sept, or just frightened that his mom was now his main advisor, took his own life.

Tommen removing the crown from his head

Tommen lays down his crown before jumping out that window.

Lothar and Black Walder Frey

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Made into a “Frey Pie” by Arya

Obits Black Walder and Lothar Frey

I only included these two because I wanted to use the term “Frey Pie” in one of these. It only would’ve been better had Arya waited until Lord Walder took a bite out of his sons before learning they were in the pie. But both of these louts were bigger doofuses than their father, as their inability to hold Riverrun after the Red Wedding required Lannister intervention. Now, there are no Freys holding Riverrun.

Obits Frey Pie

The Pie made from the bodies of Black Walder and Lothar Frey

Walder Frey

When: Episode 10; The Winds of Winter

How: Throat Slit by Arya Stark

Obits Walder Frey

If you forgot about Lord Walder after season three, all I would need to say is “The Old Man at the Red Wedding” and he would immediately come to mind. “The Late Lord Frey” sat in a large castle perfectly situated on a river crossing and collected tolls from all who wanted to cross. He had numerous legitimate and illegitimate sons and was truly despised by all.

But it was at the Red Wedding where Walder Frey made his mark on Westeros. His butchering of Robb and company ended the War of Five Kings and put Lord Walder on the top of our “most hated” lists. Then, he disappeared for two seasons as the narrative left the Riverlands entirely to focus on other things.

The crotchety Lord of the Riverlands reentered the story in season six when his sons lost Riverrun to the Blackfish. Jamie Lannister’s intervention returned Riverrun back to the Freys. But Arya’s blade removed them yet again.

Obits Walder's Death

Arya using her newly acquired assassin skills to kill Walder Frey.

 I’ll continue my Game of Thrones wrap-up week tomorrow with a look at the Tower of Joy (that place Jon Snow was born) and explain how Lyanna and Ned got there in the first place.

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