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Georgia’s Chris Conley makes an Epic Star Wars Fan Film



SPORTS! STAR WARS! They don’t exist in the same universe! This is blasphemy! Well, actually according to Georgia Bulldog’s Wide Receiver Chris Conley that is not the case. Last year, Conley went to the god’s of Twitter asking they summon fans of Star Wars for a light saber duel he had planned to film. From the dark corners of Georgia, Star Wars fans eagerly responded to his plea so well that it went from a quick duel to an 26 minute epic fan film. I have to give major credit to the folks in the film. The costumes, special effects, villain, and somewhat comedic story line, is fantastic. I personally loved the villain (Chris Conley plays him). He’s dark, tall, and intimidating. Just what the ladies love, and every villain needs to be. Though I will say for being an SEC athlete, I think he’s a little sluggish in the saber duel. It must be a Georgia thing (feel the burn, just like your character did Chris!)

If you have time on your lunch break, or if you’re just waking up,  and would love to see some fans really put their love of Star Wars out there, take 26 minutes and watch this thing. I really believe you’ll be impressed. May the Force be with you.


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