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Google Fiber is Coming to Nashville

On Tuesday it was announced that Nashville, along with Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, and Charlotte, NC, will be getting Google Fiber. Being that we here at 4LN are based right here in the Nashville-area, this is exciting news for us.

There is still a lot of work to be done before Nashvillians can reap the benefits though.  Kevin Lo, a Google Executive said,  “We’re going to start planning the network in very great detail.  We are going to lay enough fiber in this area to go to Canada and back, and every mile of that needs to be planned out.”

But when it’s here customers customers can expect internet speeds up to 100 times that of basic broadband according to Google.  That’s really fast, as in downloads that took hours could take mere seconds with Fiber.  And more importantly, the many hospitals around the area will be able to transmit medical data way faster than before.

Although there is no official price yet, other cities have three levels of service.  Customers can access basic broadband for free for seven years, but customers who want the fastest speeds pay around $70 a month.

Google said there is no official pricing yet. In other cities, there are three levels of service. Basic broadband service is free for seven years. Customers who want the fastest gigabit service pay $70 a month. There is also a gigabit internet and TV pairing that might entice some customers to drop Comcast/Direct TV all together.

All in all, great news for Nashville.

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