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Google Fiber is Expanding and Nashville is in Contention

Google Fiber just might be coming to Nashville.  If you are unfamiliar with Google Fiber, you are probably not alone, but if it hits Nashville it would be awesome.  Fiber promises internet speeds around 1000 Mbps, which up to 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband, crystal clear HD due to less compression, as well as other features including DVR, blazing Wi-Fi, and a terabyte of cloud storage.

Obviously the main draw of having a fiber network is the ridiculous internet speeds allowing you to browse almost instantaneously.  General Manager of Google Fiber Kevin Lo said, “People do more and more of what they love on the web when speeds are fast, and they walk away when speeds are slow.”

As of right now Fiber is currently being rolled out in Kansas City, Missouri, Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas.  However, 34 cities in 9 metropolitan areas are currently in contention to be one of the next areas of rollout.  Among those is Nashville (pleeeeease), Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Portland.

Fiber Cities.jpg

Initially Google’s plan had them installing Fiber, but after lessons from the three cities already working on installation, Google is instead having the cities themselves prepare infrastructure maps, and install basic infrastructure needed to run the fiber network.  Lo stated that, “One big push in one city can be enormously disruptive to a community that’s not ready, both for residents and city officials.”  So by having the cities themselves work on laying out infrastructure it would hopefully help Google with faster installation and implementation.

Once a city is chosen as a candidate Google will work alongside city leaders to evaluate whether it is feasible to bring Fiber to that area.  According to the Google Fiber website, Google will provide a checklist to the city so that they speed up planning and construction.  This checklist includes maps of poles, conduit, existing water, gas, and electricity lines.  They will also ask the city planners to streamline the permit process.  At the same time, Google will scope the costs and timeline for building the fiber-optic network to each area.  After this is completed, Google hopes to announce the next batch of cities that will be getting Fiber.  They plan on announcing it by the end of 2014.

So here’s to hoping when Google announces the next city in the coming year, Nashville will be one of the areas named.  That way we can all surf Facebook and look at memes on blazing-fast internet speeds.

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