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I’m Getting Nerdy For Christmas!

(Editors note: this article was written by Shandi, Stephen’s wife.)

Today, I’d like to talk to you all about Nerd Gifts. No, not Nerd GIFs. That’s something completely different. As seen here:


We all know nerds are the easiest to shop for. Buy a few comic books, box set of Firefly, a life-size Thor stand up poster , a t-shirt from the Sheldon line of Menswear, anything by the RR’s   Martin or Tolkien or perhaps a pizza cutter in the shape of the USS Enterprise (also available in 24k gold). Right now, in the first 10 seconds of this article I just crossed off 6 names on your list – you’re welcome.

 So this article and all the time I spent writing it and looking up all the links for you are pointless, right? Wrong! And I’ll thank you to value my time a little more in the future.  This article isn’t to inform you of what you already know. This article is to help you bring your nerds out of the basement and into the light of civilized society. Now I love my big man nerd and our little nerd spawn just as much as anyone, but when he put a Superman hand towel in “My” kitchen, I had to draw a line. These are gifts that non-nerds can be happy to have in their homes and be seen in public with while still allowing our nerds to express themselves.

My wish for you this holiday season is lots of love and happiness with your Nerd Ones. Scratch that, I wish for the life-size Thor stand up poster.

Happy Shopping…


For the Office

Class it up with this Shield Tie Clip $16.88



HULK back up documents with these Avengers Flash Drive $119



For Fun

Fandomize your lip balm Geek Lip Balm Set $35



A little something pretty. Pretty Awesome! Legend of Zelda Tri Force Necklace $11.80



For the House

 A classier way to represent their favorite characters. Minimalist Posters $15



Nerdify your kids: Have portraits of your kids transformed into the Super Heroes we all know they already are 🙂 $50-$100



For the Book Hoarder

 You shall not borrow! Library Embosser $26



Way Better Than a Long Box Geek Chic “League” Cabinet $1350



DIY Subtle Nerd Gifts

Bowties are cool necklace



Comic Book Coasters



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