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In Defense of Rooney Mara: The Tiger Lily Controversy

In the last couple of days, various entertainment news websites started reporting (unconfirmed reports to be clear) that actress Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Side Effects)  has been cast in the role of Tiger Lily in “Pan”, a new take on the Peter Pan story, from director Joe Wright (Anna Karenina, Hanna, Atonement, Pride & Prejudice).

Following this development, the internet community proceeded to lose it’s f—ing mind.



So… there’s that…

First off, yes, I am a fan of Rooney Mara, and I think she’s a good actress. If you disagree, then that’s one thing, it’s personal preference and I can respect that, but to attack someone for taking a job is ridiculous. “How dare you give a job that belongs to a Native American actress to a white woman!” Do me a favor, the next time you’re up for a job against someone of a different race or color, politely decline the offer so that they can have it. I’d hate for you to compromise your integrity.

“That’s different. This character is, by design, Native American.” OK. So what? In the Thor comics, Heimdall was a white, Norse god but I can’t imagine anyone besides Idris Elba playing him in the Thor movies. His PERFORMANCE, was commanding and intimidating. Because he’s not just a “black guy”. He’s an actor, with talent and ability. Much like Rooney Mara. Also, by that logic, only gay actors can play gay characters (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in “Brokeback Mountain”), only straight actors can play straight characters (Ellen Page in “Juno”), only already-bald actors can play bald characters (Kevin Spacey in “Superman Returns”), only male actors can play male characters (Cate Blanchett in “I’m Not There”), only British actors can play British characters (Sean Connery as James Bond), and only Transgender actors can play Transgender characters (Jared Leto in “Dallas Buyers Club”).


You people pissing and moaning, you don’t want the true definition of “diversity in Hollywood”. Because that means that sometimes a role goes to a person that doesn’t fit whatever stupid idea you have for the character. But, guess what? You can rest your pretty little head and not worry about it, because you’re not the f—ing director. Casting a young, white woman in the role of a Native American character isn’t going to set back the Native American community by hundreds of years, and it doesn’t reflect some grand injustice and conspiracy by Hollywood to keep Native American actors and actresses from working. You’re just whining for the sake of whining, and you want attention.

This is you.


Also, how the hell can you justify calling someone “borderline clear” or saying that they’re the result of “whitewashing” and not see the racist elements of those statements? Whenever you attack someone’s skin color or appearance in a derogatory manner, you are being racist. And when you do it in condemnation of racism, you are being a hypocrite. You couldn’t say that a role was “blackwashed” or that an actor or actress was “borderline yellow”. No. THAT would be too BLATANTLY racist and unacceptable…

“Well, you’re a young, white guy, the least discriminated against demographic in the world, so your opinion doesn’t matter.” Ironic Rebuttal:


This race issue spirals downward into a thousand endless arguments so I’m just gonna stop here, even though I have so much more I could say. I will end with this… My great-grandmother was a full-blooded native American. So, I’m allowed to have 1/8 of an opinion on this.


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  • While we’re at it. What’s with that actress who played Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer having 2 arms?!? I am outraged.

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