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Is Google Becoming Cyberdyne Systems?

How about this story for a movie – a huge technoglomerate has quietly been buying up several prominent robotics corporations, each of which specializes in a different area of robotics, and no one has a clue why.  Information is on a need to know basis, and even the heads of the purchased companies aren’t in the know.  Anyone and everyone that could possibly have an inkling of what’s going on have signed non-disclosure agreements with the technoglomerate, even the companies that weren’t purchased signed these agreements and are unable to provide any theories as to the plan for these robotic companies.

No, this (probably) isn’t the synopsis of the upcoming Terminator movie; it’s Google.

Recently discovered photograph from inside Google Headquarters

Recently discovered photograph from inside Google Headquarters

As I was riding home from work today I was listening to the news on the radio.  NPR was talking about how Google has quietly been buying up a half dozen robotics companies, including Redwood Robotics and Boston Dynamics, over the past year, and NO ONE KNOWS WHY.

Not only did the employees of the companies that were purchased by Google sign non-disclosure agreements (meaning they can’t talk about what Google might be doing), but the companies that Google didn’t buy (but presumably attempted to) also signed non-disclosure agreements.

Pictured: Robotic Death Hound

Pictured: Google’s Robotic Death Hound. It finds and eliminates anyone who makes fun of Google+

This has obviously led to rampant speculation.  Is Google building protocol droids that are fluent in over 6 million forms of communication? Are they planning factory automation to cut costs?  Perhaps they are going to develop artificial intelligence in order remove the possibility of human error. Quick question – what fictional company also specialized in robotic factory automation and the removal of the possibility of human error? Answer: Cyberdyne Systems.

I think the reason is obvious — Google is following the business model used by Cyberdyne Systems.  I’m sure we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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