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Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off


One of the biggest arguments in comics book is: “Which one is better, Marvel or DC?” If you have ever read a comic book or talked to someone about comics you have had this argument. I for one have been on both sides of this. I have asked the question, and I have debated the question. Its fun to have a favorite super hero and it’s even fun to talk about the company that makes said hero. I know for me I have a favorite superhero(s) from each company. My favorites from DC are Batman and Aquaman, and from Marvel its Captain America and The X-Men. That last one might be more then one superhero but I have a really hard time picking a favorite mutant, just ask Stephen about our countless conversations about the X-Men and which one is our favorite. He might say he’s burned out on X-Men but he’s lying.


This is an actual text conversation between me and Stephen…

This is an actual text conversation between me and Stephen…


So, you are at your LCS (Local Comic Shop) and you hear some guys arguing and think, “Great, what BS move did he just pull in Magic…”, but then you hear, “Dude! Are you kidding me? You REALLY think Hawkeye could take Solomon GruYou’re not even going to bother putting him against Green Arrow? That’s the problem with you Marvel fan boys, ever since your movies have come out, you think your characters are more superior than EVERY DC hero.” OK, that might be a bit extreme but we all know where I am coming from. Hell, even in high school I would argue with anyone about why DC is better than Marvel, and my friends got tired of that pretty quick.


Now, I love to debate almost anything and everything, but I feel like debating comic companies is just useless. Please hear me out, why must we debate something we love so much? Who gives a damn which company you like more? Does it really matter? Just let that sink for a minute… continue thinking about it… now let’s take a look at why it doesn’t matter.

First point- We love comics. I know we enjoy debating what we love, but does it do any good? I think not. Why can’t we just enjoy a good comic? Why does it matter which company publishes it? We all like to have a favorite but when we sit around a kitchen table while playing MTG does it really matter what comic company is best? I certainty don’t think so.

Second point – Movies. Now, hear me out on this one. We all love superhero’s and we all love movies (I hope we all do), so why bitch about it? When I first really started to love comic books I would get into arguments with people about why I love Detective Comics, not just Batman but DC comics (DC stands for Detective Comics in case you didn’t know. It took me far to long to figure that one out). Every time I discussed DC comics someone would try to argue Marvels Universe with me only based on the movies, and I hated that! I would say that I like DC and the people would roll their eyes and ask me what I thought of Catwoman or Green Lantern (I loved Green Lantern, deal with it) and then they would tell me about how great the first Spider-Man was or how awesome Iron Man was. Well, the way I fixed this problem was I started associating with people that actually enjoyed comics for what they are. Stories. And, like all good stories, there are many different publishers for them. Yeah I am still a die-hard DC fan and the “go to” guy for any DC question here at 4LN, but I have also learned how to really appreciate Marvel for the great stories and heroes they have. I think if we could all work on seeing these companies as storytellers we would come to appreciate them even more, and not waste breath arguing who’s better and who’s worse.

avengers 1978

This is from The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, circa 1978. Yes that is Iron Man in the upper left hand corner. Batman And Robin doesn’t seem so terrible now, does it?


My last point for this rant is Iron Man Vs. Batman. I have argued this since my existence; I think I popped out of the womb saying “wahhhhh F—k Tony Stark.” Yeah I know that seems a little extreme, but I really can not recall a time that I even once liked Iron Man, and honestly, that’s really sad. I think he is a really solid character and played a huge role in one of my favorite stories, Civil War and J. Hickman’s Infinity/Avengers run that’s happening now. I always thought he was just a rip off of my favorite hero, Bats. I mean they both come from a lot of money, they both have daddy issues, and they both have their demons. Batman is haunted by the death of his parents and Jason Todd, and Tony is an Alcoholic and I’m sure he has some other things going on but I’m to close minded to read his stories. And why? Because I am so biased and set in my ways that I automatically think Tony is a worthless character and just a cheap rip off. But yet, I am a HUGE Aquaman fan and he is clearly DC’s take on Namor. So Aquaman is in essence a rip off and I love him, so why can’t I love Iron Man? I really wish I had an answer for that but I sadly don’t have a single clue why I am so dead set. Hating Iron Man does nothing but make me a biased dick. And honestly, ask yourself, have you ever been that guy? You know, the one who hates a character based on almost nothing? Stephen is that way with Aquaman; Cam is that way with Bill Clark. Robbie hates Splinter (no one really knows why), and Cody hates Lockheed… that one is just… whatever.


Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.56.20 AM

So, in conclusion, lets just love comics for comics. We have nothing to prove, and we have no reason to hate. Each character has great flaws and great high points. Its not about being biased, its about enjoying something. There is no need to nitpick every aspect of what we love, but there is always room in the nerdy corners of our hearts to embrace the heroes, the stories, and the companies that bring us so much joy and happiness every Wednesday.


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