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Lycan’s Video Game Review

(Editor’s Note – This article was written by Lycan. He’s the 6-year-old son of 4LN writer Stephen Andrew. He has a very extensive knowledge of superheroes and he loves video games. He wrote this article himself, with only minor assistance form his mom and dad. Enjoy!)


Lego Marvel Superheroes: Universe in Peril / for Nintendo 3DS

I love that you get to fight and that this game is challenging. I love challenging games. I think my friends would like the Hulk and that you get to be Iron Man. I also love that you get to save Stan Lee in the game.

You start out as Iron Man and Hulk. They fight sand people. Why would a sand monster do any damage to the Hulk? He would just like touch it and they would die!

The first level you fight Sandman and you fight these big sand-guns that shoot sand bullets and that are on top of a tower.

There are things that I don’t like about the game too. I don’t like that you only get to pick your own character in Freeplay mode. I don’t really like to fight the sand monsters. They look mean. I also don’t like that my dad can’t find cheat codes for the game.

(Editor’s note: Cheat codes are not currently available on the 3DS version of the game at this time. Believe me. We searched… extensively…)

I think my friends would like this game. Kids age 5,6, & 7 would really like it.

(Mom – “What do you think about the graphics in the game?”

Lycan – “What are graphics?”)


Lego Chima: Laval’s Journey / for Nintendo 3DS

In this game you play as Laval. He’s a lion and He’s trying to stop Krager from destroying the lion kingdom. He almost got away with it once. He tried to destroy all of Chima.

Laval has a sword that he uses to fight the crocodiles. It’s a long sword, and it’s shiny blue.

Besides Laval, there are 7 other characters that you can play as.

Forever Rock is my favorite level. You get to play a hide and go seek challenge that’s fun.

I don’t like this game more than Lego Marvel Superheroes, but I don’t have anything I don’t like about it. It’s a really fun game.

I think kids from age 5 to 10 would like this game.


Scribblenauts Remix / for Android and iOS devices

In this game, you play as Maxwell and you help other people get across things. You also fight mean people or animals.

You can use anything you want to beat the levels like a sword, gun, volcano, super hero, skateboard, giant flying metal alligator. There is a notepad in the game that lets you make pretty much anything you want to help Maxwell beat the level. My favorite thing I’ve made so far is a dragon, because it kept killing everything.

The levels are fun. There’s a beach level, a classroom level, and even a heist level. Each level has different things that you have to figure out to create so that you can beat it.

My favorite thing about the game is that I can burn the barn on the farm level.

I don’t like that you can’t use Batman in the game. But, there is a DC comics Scribblenauts that I want, where I bet you can be Batman.


(He’s right!)

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