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Nerds In Bands: Young Fox

For this installment of Nerds In Bands, we had a chance to chat with Marty Lunn from the band Young Fox about D&D, Battlestar Galactica, and what Young Fox is currently up to. Enjoy!

4LN – So I hear that, among other things, you’re into World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, HeroScape, and Magic the Gathering. Would you say that you obsess over one of these more than the others?

Marty Lunn – Well Dungeons & Dragons and HeroScape are things I haven’t done in quite a while (though I did use a 10-sided die recently to put the numbers on my Super Bowl pool — nerds and sports is another story), and Warcraft has kinda been put on hold for a while until I can update my computer (she can no longer handle the awesomeness). Magic is what’s happening with me right now…and it’s not my doing! My gal and I have a small vintage/collectibles business that we do and we recently purchased an old lot of Magic cards. She said “we should play it sometime”…and Pandora’s box opened.


4LN – What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into some tabletop gaming but they’re not sure where to start? Tabletop gaming can be very intimidating for newbies.

Marty – Walking into a store that sells Magic cards during a “Friday Night Magic” tournament feels like your intruding into someone’s home. That being said, each player and store owner that I’ve talked to has been more than eager to give out tips and to help people get started. The folks that produce the game are very aware that the way to keep the game alive is to get new blood playing it, and they have decks and card bundles specifically made for this task. My advice? Get some cards…read a few rules…and play!


4LN – It was also mentioned to me that you love Battlestar Galactica. What do you think it is about BG that sets it apart for you from, say, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Marty – Two things make Battlestar Galactica special for me. The first is that it is not so much the story of spaceships and battle, but rather survival. It seems that all of the best shows deal with this in some way, be it Lost or The Walking Dead. What people will and can do to survive always makes for great watching. The second is that it is grounded to us. Earth is a very real thing in their world (or so they hope), and we are meant to feel connected to them in all ways save technology. It doesn’t hurt that the cast may be the finest ensemble ever assembled, and the writers can die knowing that they have their masterpiece (and let me not forget Bear McCreary’s amazing score). Watch it kids, you won’t be sorry!


4LN – I’d like to talk about your band, Young Fox, for a minute. How did you guys get started?

Marty – What became Young Fox started out as an idea of mine to do a band based on many of my favorite bands that, for some reason or another, never became household names (several of those bands have recently begun working together again for new music and tours, so I may have guessed right!). I was a fan of Luke and Chris’ band before Young Fox, so when that band dissolved, I invited them out for a drink to talk about starting something new. We began writing things a little over two years ago, and last summer released our first EP entitled Predecessors.


4LN – I listened to your EP, Predecessors, and I really enjoyed it. I feel like it has this straight-forward, non-pretentious, pure rock sound. Do you guys have a specific direction you focus on when writing songs, or do you try to just follow the music where it goes?

Marty – Well first, thank you for checking us out! The songs on Predecessors are frankly all over the place stylistically and lyrically. Many of the songs are ideas that were kicking around for quite a while, and Luke and I were still figuring out the dynamic of how to come together lyrically. I love each of the songs on Predecessors, but each has its own vibe for me.


4LN – Lastly Marty, what does 2015 have in store for Young Fox?

Marty – Well to continue my last statement, Young Fox is currently working on pre-production for our first full length record. Whereas our EP is a scattering of ideas, the full length will have a more concise sound sonically and lyrically. We plan on being ready to record sometime in June and and hopefully it will be out this fall. We also plan on doing many more shows this year than we have to this point, so please keep an eye out for us if we’re in your town!


I want to say a big THANK YOU to Marty for chatting with me! If you want to know more about Young Fox you can check them out at any of these links:

I’ll leave you with my favorite song from their Predecessors EP, called “A Diet of Worms”. There’s something about the structure of the song, and all it’s layers, that reminds me of early Muse. Enjoy!

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