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New Wonder Twins Movie?

Popular New York City comic shop Midtown Comics recently recieved this promo poster…


Now, it could entirely be a hoax. I’ve not actually heard anything regarding a Wonder Twins movie at all so maybe we’re being Punk’d here. But the poster does look legit, so maybe this is really happening…

As the poster reveals, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis seemed to be cast as the twins, Zan and Jayna. This would’nt be the first time the twins have been featured in live action, though, as they were featured on Smallville.


This version of the Wonder Twins seem to have been really into “hangin at the mall” and “listening to Good Charlotte”.


I also don’t think Kutcher and Kunis are bad choices for these characters either. Neither one of them are *great* actors, but it’s not like the source material is all that complex. This could be a good Jumper-ish kind of film; not a lot to have to think about, just a solid action/sci-fi film.

What do you guys think? Will this be a solid turn for DC Comics and Warner Bros? Or, will is it a failure waiting to happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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