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Saturday Morning 4LN Review: Bob’s Burger’s #2

Book: Bob’s Burgers #2
Writer(s): Justin Hook, Jeff Drake, Chad Brewster, Mike Olsen, Rachel Hastings
Artist(s): Frank Forte, Tony Gennaro, Robin Brigstocke

Summary from Comixology: “In the second issue of the Bob’s Burgers comic book we bring you 5 new stories from the Belchers. Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction goes galactic; Bob jots down burgers to live by; Louise investigates a case of textbook tomfoolery; Linda looks out for her furry friends; and Gene presents a musical re-imagine-actment of the story of Mozart and Salieri called “Genemadeus” Bob’s Burgers is an animated sitcom that airs on Fox television with other hits such as The Simpsons and Family Guy.”

Once again, this was the book I was most excited about for this week, if not month. The first issue was absolutely hilarious, and one of my favorite #1’s since Rocket Raccoon. This book is turning into a real surprise and entertaining book. I’m normally very skeptical of TV show comic books (24, Vampire Diaries, and Sons of Anarchy to name a few) but this book is just like the show; hilarious. As I said in my review of issue 1, if you watch the show, you NEED to read the comic.

The Good:
The first story, Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction Presents: Battleship Galac-Tina is easily one of the funniest things I have read in a long time, I was cracking up by the 5th panel, and Gene’s joke about Thai Food almost had me in tears. There were some painfully awkward moments that were just like the show, and Tina is written perfectly as a human captain who just really wants to love a robot. Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities was my favorite story in this months issue. It was perfect and Louise’s interactions with the librarian, Mr. Ambrose (No Danny, this sin’t Uncle Dean) are hilarious, and the yelling contest between the two is one of the best things to happen in the issue.

The Bad:
I’m not really sure why, but Gene Belcher Presents: “Genemadeus” The Musical really wasn’t that enjoyable for me. It felt forced and sadly, I didn’t laugh nearly as much as I did in the other two stories. It was a bit challenging trying to read it in song, which is weird because last months issue also had a musical that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, this story just wasn’t able to win me over.

The Final Say:
The book was hilarious, I was laughing out loud on more then one occasion, and it was and all around great issue. Two out of the three main stories were hilarious, and the Bob’s Burger of the Day Ideas and Letters from Linda completely made up for the one story that I didn’t enjoy. With all of this being said, this book knocked it out of the park! You really don’t want to miss out on this hilarious book that got a perfect 4 out of 4. If you picked up this book this week, let us know in the comments what you think about it. If you haven’t pick it up, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

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