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Saturday Morning Review: All New X-Men #27

Book: All New X-Men

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Penciler: Stuart Immonen

Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger



Summary from Comixology: “The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from “Battle of the Atom” are back and still gunning for the ALL-NEW X-MEN! Jean Grey came back different from her trial. What does this mean for the rest of the X-Men?”



This issue was a little messy to be honest. I felt lost in most of the comic. I’ve been reading X-Men for years, and I’m honestly not sure what the hell was going on in issue 27. Raze was the main villain in this issue and it felt like it just wasn’t needed. I’m not sure why the mutants returned from Battle of The Atom, it wasn’t really necessary. This issue was really a bit disappointing.


The Good:

 I really enjoy Stuart Immonen and his art. I think it’s really clean and I think the emotion is captured really well in the art. My favorite panel in the comic was one that featured Scott, Jean and Emma Frost in an ally, it really reminded me of something from A Clock Work Orange, and a shot of Cyclops with a laser forming was really intimidating and threatening. I also liked that that Emma knocked Jean the f— out!



I really thought the end of this was a let down, and felt like it wasn’t needed. I understand that Raze was causing all the problems but finding out that Raze and young son of Charles Xavier are brothers wasn’t really anything compelling or something that left me in surprise. I also don’t know what this issue accomplished, it was similar to a filler issue, but it wanted you to think it had some form of substance.


The Verdict:

If you were reading this story, then I would recommend keeping up with it because maybe something cool will happen, and, tie this together. If you are thinking of getting into X-Men I would recommend going to pick up Days of Future Past, or even Joss Whedon’s Amazing X-Men. You could even check out the first volume of this series, but issue 27 isn’t worth making a trip to your comic shop for. The final score is a 2 out of 4. This issue really wasn’t anything special.


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