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Saturday Morning Review: Amazing X-Men #1


Amazing XMen#1

Title: Amazing X-Men #1
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Ed McGuinness

Amazing XMen#1.2

Anybody that has read any of my articles on this blog can probably tell two things from me about comic books. I am a diehard DC guy, but the first comic I ever read, series I got into, and superpower I wanted was all from The X-Men (When I was a kid in my LA neighborhood, my friends and I would pretend we were The X-Men, I was always Gambit). My love for comics is due to the X-Men. But I also have a problem with The X-Men, there are so many f–king X-men titles is overwhelming. There are what’s seems like six Batman titles and easily double that amount for X-Men. And that was a very big factor in the last X-Men arc, Battle of the Atom. So I was a little reluctant to pick up Amazing X-Men this week.

I will say that I really ended up enjoying this comic. After thinking about how to describe it, the best word that comes to my mind is a simple word, “Fun.” It was just simply fun. There was nothing you had to think hard about, there weren’t any huge teasers at the end, and there weren’t any major WTF moments. I really enjoy that Nightcrawler is back, he’s one of my favorite X-Men and I’ve missed him a bit. I LOVED seeing the BAMFS. I swear those are the most adorable creatures in the Marvel Universe. I would love to have a pet BAMF.

It was just a fun ride, kinda like your favorite roller coaster, right when you get off, you want to go again. When I finished this comic, I wanted to read it a second time. One of the other major things I enjoyed was the fact that it was just entertaining. There was some action, a little bit of mystery, a lot of funny lines that didn’t feel forced or scripted. The jokes between Iceman and Warbird were done in really good taste. (If you know about Battle of the Atom, Bobby’s significant other is no longer part of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.) Also, there is some slight romantic tension that could become a problem for Iceman and Miss Angelica Johns also known was Firestar.

Firestar shows up to the school on her first day and, like always, there is chaos going on in the hallways. There is a silly moment where she is just trying to figure out where to go but no one will help her. We have all been in this position before, whether it’s a new day at school, a new job, or just lost in a city you don’t know. I feel like this moment gave this comic a very human feel.

So, the Good for this comic:

  • It’s Fun.
  • It’s entertaining.
  • It’s funny.

I really didn’t find anything that I didn’t like. I try to remain optimistic with comics and I really don’t like being critical of something I love. That’s why my “reviews” normally turn into a summary of what’s happened. I like the stories, so I don’t like finding and searching for flaws. With all that being said, I really wish Nightcrawler would have been in the comic more. He was only on 8 of the pages and I felt that was a little sad for the return of such a beloved X-Character. My only other complaint upon hearing about this series was “Do we really need another X-Title?” The answer is no, we don’t. BUT I honestly feel like this might be the X-title to beat. An I LOVE All New X-Men but Amazing X-Men was truly… Amazing.

Here at 4 Letter Nerd, I have to give this a solid 4 out of 4. I think every nerd should pick up this title. I’m sure you are going to love it and I am going to add it to my pull box. So my friends, get out there and get it before it’s sold out!

If you live in the Nashville area be sure to swing by our friends at Comic Collector Live, Comix City Too, and Great Escape to pick you your copy. If you don’y live around Nashville, swing by your local comic book shop or pick it up at

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