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Saturday Morning Review: Translucid #4

(This weeks Saturday Morning Review is brought to you by the Coheed fan, Austin Carter)

Book: Translucid Issue #4: Gone daddy gone

Writer: Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert

Illustrator: Daniel Bayliss

“If a hero’s only as good as his villains, then what does that make me?”-The Navigator

(Possible spoilers ahead)


This story keeps getting more and more f***ed up as these issues keep pumping out. We are at the point where we have passed the bridge between the first part of the series, and to the part where Translucid really starts to show its teeth. Gone daddy gone is excellent. There is much more insight to the side of the hero that we often don’t get to see. The human side, where we question our moral compass, and if we are making the right decisions in our lives. “The Navigator” is no exception to this. A man adored by thousands, but yet the only person that seems to care is his Nemesis, “The Horse”. It is also becoming more and more apparent that “The Navigator” has a head full of snakes, a side that people don’t get to see. (Probably a result of your dearest mother trying to poison you and blame you for your brother’s death)

There is something here in Translucid that is beautiful. Sanchez and Echert like to play cat and mouse, but with question and answer instead. An answer results in another question, something most writers seem to be lacking now. There is some grit, and some bone to Translucid. The writing is very organic, and flows as it should. Well, I’ll be here twiddling my thumbs for issue #5 mother. Translucid: Gone daddy gone receives a 4 out of 4.

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